Compliments, comments and complaints

We welcome your views if we are doing something well please tell us about it and likewise if we are not.

It is important to us to have your views so we can give you the quality service you deserve.

You can submit a comment on-line or download a form and post it in.

Alternatively please contact us by letter, telephone or e-mail.

We deal with all our customer comments, complaints and compliments under our 'customer comments procedure'.

How we monitor your comments

We regularly monitor all feedback we receive through the customer comments scheme.  We learn about what is important to you, how well you think we are doing, and what sorts of things you have felt it necessary to complain about and how we have dealt with this.

Our promise to you

Our customer comments procedure means that any of your comments or suggestions, made verbally or in writing, will be:

  • Passed to the Chief Executive
  • Acknowledged within three working days from us having received them at Kelham Hall
  • Responded to by the relevant manager within ten working days from the acknowledgement.

In the unlikely event that you still feel that the district council has not dealt with your comments satisfactorily, please contact us in writing, and a full review by a senior manager will be arranged. If you then remain unsatisfied, the Local Government Ombudsman may be able to help you. You can contact the Ombudsman directly (below) or you can ask your local councillor to do this for you.

The Local Government Ombudsman

The Local Government Ombudsman is an independent person who investigates allegations of maladministration causing injustice to the person who has complained.

The Ombudsman investigates complaints about most council matters including housing, planning, education, social services and council tax. The Ombudsman who deals with this council is at:

The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771
Tel: 0300 061 0614

The Local Government Ombudsman has a leaflet called Complained to the Council? Still not Satisfied? You can get a copy by telephoning or writing to the address above, or you can download it from the Ombudsman’s website at

Making a complaint against a councillor

The Standards Committee is responsible for considering complaints that an elected councillor may have breached the code of conduct.

The Standards Committee can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a councillor. It will not deal with complaints about things that are not covered by the councillor's code of conduct.

Visit the Standards Committee webpage for further details.

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