Fly-grazing proves costly for owner of confiscated horse

29 March 2016

The owner of a horse who left it to fly-graze on land behind the Hawtonville Young People’s Centre in Windsor Road has had to pay Newark and Sherwood District Council £150 to have the animal returned to him.

Horses illegally left to ‘fly-graze’ on council land have become a recurrent problem for the council and this has led to a clamp-down by council officers. The horse owner – who has not been named – was given 96 hours’ notice that the horse would be impounded if the owner did not remove it from the district council-owned land behind the centre.

“It was in a field close to the youth centre,” said the council’s business manager for parks and amenities Phil Beard. “The horse was not an immediate danger to the children using the play area but we’ve got to protect the community and this was not something we could allow.

“Once the horse had been removed the owner wanted to have it returned. We don’t always grant a request to return a horse but there were extenuating circumstances in this case and we allowed the return of this horse on payment of the £150 charge.

“The case does demonstrate that we are serious about removing horses left illegally fly-grazing. We are working with town and parish councils and also with farmers who find horses fly-grazing on their land.

“The message has been getting through. We’ve had several months without any problems, but this case offers a timely reminder to owners that we will take action when necessary.

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