Technical specifications


Proscenium width 8.47m
Proscenium height 6.68m
Depth of stage 9.34m
Stage Right Wing 3.70m
Stage Left Wing 4.98m
Height to grid 15.50m
Height to fly floor 6.70m
Dock Door width 1.45m
Dock Door height 2.66m
Dock Door is at street level. Access to stage by a shallow ramp.


Flat, no rake and painted satin black on 25mm marine ply
Steps access to left and right of auditorium

Disabled access to stage from auditorium via pass door on stage left


24 x 3 line hemp flying bars each 8.90m long on 48mm tube (SWL 160KG)
4 x Hand winched lighting bars 10.3m long on 48mm tube (SWL 500KG)
1x Cotton White Cyclorama
1x Pair Red Bolton Twill Tabs
5x Black Surge Borders
1x Black Surge Backcloth
12x Black Surge masking flats
8 x 7m x 1m Red Trevera gathered legs
8 x 7m x 1m Blue Trevera gathered legs

8 x 7m x 1m White Trevera gathered legs

3x pieces 1220mm x 2440mm steel deck with 300mm or 600mm legs

Stage braces and weights
large stock of flying hardware, wires, spansets, hanging clamps etc

House tabs drawn on winch operated from prompt corner SR


Pit accommodates up to 16 musicians situated underneath forestage.
The forestage consists of nine removable sections each 2000mm x 500mm wide. The pit floor is 1800mm below the stage surface.


1x Broadwood Upright (in pit)
1x Allison Boudoir Grand (on stage)


Six dressing rooms are located below stage level and are accessed via stairways upstage left and upstage right.
The dressing rooms can accommodate 60 persons comfortably.
Toilets and showers are adjacent.

Due to Health & Safety Regulations there is a limit of 100 persons in the backstage areas.


Stage Dimmers 300 amp 3 phase
Touring Stage Right 125/63 amp 3 phase
Touring Stage Left 125amp 3 phase
Touring Stage Left Sound 63/32/16 amp single phase
20 x16 amp sockets at stage level
20 x 13 amp sockets at stage level
12 x 16 amp sockets on fly floor stage left

1x 16amp socket outside for tour bus.


1 Soundcraft MH2
32 + 4 stereo / 8 / 3 channel. 10 Auxiliaries + 8Vca (Front of House)

1 Yamaha 16 channels 16 / 4 / 2 + 4 aux (Control Room)

1 Midas M32r 16 channels


6 X MC2 E25


2 pairs Martin F12
1 pair Martin single 18 Bins

4 Turbosound MXD 12" wedges

2 Turbosound infill’s


4 Klark Technic square one 31 band stereo graphic
2 Klark Technic square one 8 channel dynamics / compressor / gates
2 spx 2000 effects processors
1 Tascam MD - 350 Minidisk player

1 Tascam CD-RW 900

2 Tascam CD players
1 Denon DN - C630 CD player (control room)
8 DBX 266xl stereo compressor / gate


3 Sennheiser ME80 / K3U
1 AKG - 300B /CK 91
4 Shure Beta 57
4 Shure SM 57
6 Shure SM 58

5 Beyer MPC65 V Floor mikes
1 Akg D112
1 Audio Technica ATM 25
4 Sennheiser E 604
1 Beyer Opus 83 condensers

1 AKG se300B

2 Sennheisser e606

8 Direct injection boxes

1 Behringer 4 way rack mount Direct injection box

Assorted selection of cables, stands, stage boxes.


Avolites Sapphire Touch and Touch wing lighting control situated in control room at rear of circle


114 ways of ADB Euro Rack (3kw per channel) on 300amp 3 phase mains


4 Permanent winched bars on stage (SWL 500kg)
2 Bridges FOH (situated at 45 degree's and 55 degree's to the setting line
Note: These bridges are limited to 8 lamps and there is no centre hanging point
2 Fixed proscenium booms running from stage level to underside of fly floor (6.7m)

2 Fixed proscenium booms running from stage level to (6.m) Front pros booms.

2 FOH slip positions @ 7m running from pros wall to rear bridge position


9 x CCT Starlette Fresnels 1000w
11 x Selecon high performance Fresnel's 1200w

6 x Source 4 19 degree Profiles HPL750 (FOH)
8 x Source 4 15-30 degree Profiles HPL750 (FOH)
8 x Source 4 25-50 degree Profiles HPL750 (FOH)
2x Source 4 Parnels HPL750w (warmers)
4x Source 4 36 degree Profiles HPL750
4x Source 4 70 degree Profile HPL750

14x Source 4 26 degree Profile HPL750

10 x Source 4 Junior Zoom Profiles HPL 575w
6 x CCT Starlette Floods 1000w
5 x 3 cell Selecon Hui Cyc Battens 500w
48 x Source 4 Par 64 62/61/60/95 HPL575
20 x long nose Par 64 / 62 1000w

10 x short nose Par 64 / 62 1000w (floor cans)

8 Scrollers to fit Source 4 fixed angle
4 Scrollers to Par / Source 4 Zoom

8 MR16 birdies


2 Robert Juliat Topaze MSR 1200


Most colour is Lee but have a limited range of Rosco

4 x 2m tubular booms
6 x 3m ladders
2 x 6 way IWB (on Socapex)
8 Floor Stands

2 large Black Wind up Manfrotto stand

Wide selection of Top-hats

1 MVS Le Maitre Hazer
Quantity of Grelcos, Trelcos, Socapex, Spiders, 13amp & 15 amp cable Socapex splitters.


Cinemeccanica (CX21H lamphouse) projector in control room.

Full Dolby surround sound system

6 QSC Amplifiers

1 Hand winched Perlux Cinema Screen

Rewind Bench

Make-up equipment


Sanyo PLC XP51 Projector

12ft x 10ft fast fold screen and drapes kit

DVD/video players

2x Stand alone Remote speakers


Motorola P110 Walkie talkie system

1x Tallescope

Selection of step ladders

Canford Audio communications system

Sennheisser Infra red induction loop in auditorium.

2x way Le maitre Pyrotechnic firing systems and 1 pod


Room adjacent to stage and dock door areas for 1x 40ft trailer or tour coach.


1x Domestic washing machine and dryer in dressing room 4

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