A number of villages in Newark and Sherwood are historically associated with important people, others have their own quirky charm. There are lots of villages in the district that are worth a visit:


Elston Hall was the home of the Darwin family from 1680 until just after the second world war, when the estate was sold.
Its most famous resident was the savant Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin. Erasmus was the founder of the Lunar Society which included Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley and Benjamin Franklin.


The village of Rolleston is associated with the Victorian writer and illustrator, Kate Greenaway. Was it Rolleston that she thought about when she wrote and illustrated the sweet little rhyme The Little London Girl?

Oh, I'll stay in the country, and make a daisy chain, and never go back to London again.


A pretty village with the Best Kept Phone Box in the world.


Home of the Beehive Inn, the smallest pub in Nottinghamshire and, until the 1970s, when a small extension was added, possibly one of the smallest in the country.


When visitors arrive in Laxton they will discover the only village in England which still practices the medieval system of Open Field Farming, a system once used widely throughout England. Also in Laxton, you will find the Holocaust Centre museum and gardens where the history and implications of the Holocaust are sensitively explored.


Just north of Newark you will find the village of Cromwell, the home of Vina's Doll Museum. Rooms in the 17th century rectory are filled with a large collection of dolls, prams and costumes.


Home to the Hockerton Housing Project, the UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development. The beautiful site has seen the return of a wide variety of wildlife and has quite rightly received great publicity.


Famous for its 60-ft high Maypole, situated in the centre of the village green. It is one of only three permanent maypoles in the country. Each Spring Bank Holiday, you can join in the Wellow Maypole Celebrations when the May Queen is crowned and local children perform dances around the Maypole.

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