Requesting Information

You are entitled to request information the council keeps, under freedom of information, general data protection regulation and environmental information regulations.

Making a request for information from the council is very simple.

If you want information that the council holds about you - your personal information - we need;

  • your request to be in writing. You can download and complete the form on this page and return it to us in the post or email us at 
  • include as much detail about the information you want as possible, such as what the information is about, which department you think might have the information or the dates you want the information for.
  • requests for your own personal information are known as Subject Access Requests or Personal Information Requests.
  • for security reasons personal information will only be sent by encrypted email if this is the method by which you choose to receive your information.

If you want information other than your own personal information please check that it is not already available through our publication scheme. If the information is not available we need;

  • the request to be in writing. This can be a letter or an email or you can use our online form or download and return our access to information request form.
  • an address for us to send the response, for electronic files this can be an email address.
  • a description of the information you want.

We are happy to provide help and advice to enable you to make a request should you need it, please contact us.

When we receive your request we will;

  • acknowledge receipt of your request within 3 working days of receiving it
  • give you a date by which you will receive a full response to your request
  • inform you as soon as possible if there is a fee for providing the information and give a full explanation of how the fee has been calculated in accordance with our charging policy.
  • inform you as soon as possible if we are unable to provide a full response to your request by the date given in the acknowledgement, we will also provide a date by which you will get a full response.

On vary rare occasions we may decide that some or all the information you have asked for is covered by one or more of the exemptions in the legislation. If this is the case we will explain the exemption, give the reason why we think the exemption applies and, in the case of a qualified exemption, the factors considered for the public interest test.

We will also explain how you can appeal against the decision to the council using our complaints procedure and your rights to take the matter to the Information Commissioner should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal.

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