Cabinet 6th December 2012

The agenda and background papers for the Cabinet meeting held on 6th December 2012, at 5:30pm, in the Carriage Court, Kelham Hall, Kelham, Newark.

Cabinet Agenda- 6th December 2012 (PDF File, 1,844kb)


Items on the agenda include

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2012
  3. Declarations of Interests by Members and Officers
  4. Budget Performance Report 2012/13 to 30th September 2012
  5. Council's Budget 2013/14- 2017/18
  6. Capital Programme 2012/13-2016/17 Variations
  7. Nottinghamshire County Council- Budget Conversation 2013/14
  8. Council Tax Exemption Changes
  9. Proposed Location of Citizens Advice Bureau Offices in Newark and Proposed
    relocation of the Newark Tourist Information Centre and Sherwood Health Visitor Centre
  10. Draft Nottinghamshire Growth Plan Consultation
  11. East Coast Mainline
  12. Lord Hestletine's Review
  13. Southwell Neighbourhood Designation
  14. Bridge Ward Neighbourhood Study
  15. Gypsy and Traveller Accomodation Needs Assessment
  16. Empty Homes Scheme
  17. Southwell Market and Power Improvements to Markets
  18. Urgency Item- Bowbridge Road Land Exchange
  19. Food Inspections Commissioning Group

Urgency Item 15a- Land Known as Green Park, Tolney Lane, Newark

Urgency Item 15a- Land known as Green Park, Tolney Lane, Newark (PDF File, 424kb)


Background Papers

Background Papers Cabinet 06.12.12-Item 7 (PDF File, 1,011kb)

  Background Papers Cabinet- 06.12.12- Item 10 (PDF File, 1,299kb) 

  Background Papers Cabinet 06.12.12- Item 12 (PDF File, 2,509kb)

    Background Papers Cabinet- 06.12.12 Item 17 (PDF File, 552kb)

   Background Papers Cabinet 06.12.12 Item 13 (PDF File, 250kb)  


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