Dogs barking

Dogs normally bark because they:

  • are insecure
  • are left alone too long and are lonely and bored
  • are not receiving enough exercise and training
  • have too little space provided for them
  • hear people calling at the house
  • have a medical problem

Your vet or dog warden may also be able to give you advice as to possible solutions and equipment which may help to stop your dog barking.

A barking dog may be considered to be a 'statutory nuisance', which means that the council has to take action to ensure that the nuisance is stopped.

In such cases we have to give the owner a notice requiring the nuisance to be stopped, and may require various things to be done to achieve this.

If the problem continues the owner may face a fine of up to £5,000 and also risks having the dog(s) removed.

If your neighbours complain about your dogs, you may have a visit from an environmental health officer who can advise on how to deal with the problem.

Reporting a barking dog

You can report a barking dog problem to us in the same way that you can report any noise problem. You will be asked for details of times when the problem occurs and you maybe asked to complete a diary.

Please visit our information on reporting noise problems.

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