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Council Council
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Planning  Planning

Grants, Payments and Receipts

Grants Given 13-14 (PDF File, 6kb)

Grant Application Form (PDF File, 99kb)

Grants Given 14-15 (PDF File, 5kb)

Grants Received 12-13 (PDF File, 40kb)

Grants Received 13-14 (PDF File, 37kb)

Grants Received 14-15 (PDF File, 89kb)

Grants Received 15-16 (PDF File, 85kb)


Payments Nov 2019 (PDF File, 39kb)

Payments Oct 2019 (PDF File, 54kb)

Payments Sep 2019 (PDF File, 67kb)

Payments Aug 2019 (PDF File, 212kb)

Payments Jul 2019 (PDF File, 224kb)

Payments Jun 2019 (PDF File, 201kb)

Payments May 2019 (PDF File, 46kb)

Payments Apr 2019 (PDF File, 100kb)

Payments Mar 2019 (PDF File, 106kb)

Payments Feb 2019 (PDF File, 196kb)

Payments Jan 2019 (PDF File, 198kb)


Payments Dec 2018 (PDF File, 39kb)

Payments Nov 2018 (PDF File, 39kb)

Payments Oct 2018 (PDF File, 42kb)

Sep 2018 (PDF File, 40kb)

Payments Aug 2018 (PDF File, 38kb)

Payments Jul 2018 (PDF File, 44kb)

Payments Jun 2018 (PDF File, 40kb)

Payments May 2018 (PDF File, 42kb)

Payments Apr 2018 (PDF File, 38kb)

Payments Mar 2018 (PDF File, 42kb)

Payments Feb 2018 (PDF File, 38kb)

Payments Jan 2018 (PDF File, 106kb)


Payments Dec 2017 (PDF File, 98kb)

Payments Nov 17 (PDF File, 288kb)

Payments Oct 2017 (PDF File, 107kb)

Payments Sep 2017 (PDF File, 288kb)

Payments June July Aug 17 (PDF File, 791kb)

Payments May 2017 (PDF File, 100kb)(PDF File, 100kb)

Payments Apr 2017 (PDF File, 109kb)

Payments Mar 2017 (PDF File, 109kb)

Payments Feb 2017 (PDF File, 98kb)

Payments Jan 2017 (PDF File, 38kb)


Payments Dec 2016 (PDF File, 110kb)

Payments Nov 2016 (PDF File, 1kb)

Payments Oct 2016 (PDF File, 1kb)

Payments Sep 2016 (PDF File, 208kb)

Payments Aug 2016 (PDF File, 37kb)

Payments Jul 2016 (PDF File, 43kb)

Payments Jun 2016 (PDF File, 44kb)

Payments May 2016 (PDF File, 41kb)

Payments Apr 2016 (PDF File, 42kb)

Payments Mar 2016 (PDF File, 37kb)

Payments Feb 16 (PDF File, 19kb)

Payments Jan 16 (PDF File, 19kb)


Payments Dec 15 (PDF File, 36kb)

Payments Nov 15 (PDF File, 36kb)

Payments Oct 15 (PDF File, 90kb)

Payments Sep 15 (PDF File, 87kb)

Payments Aug 15 (PDF File, 89kb)

Payments Jul 15 (PDF File, 90kb)

Payments Jun 15 (PDF File, 94kb)

Payments May 15 (PDF File, 100kb)

Payments Apr 15 (PDF File, 103kb)

Receipts and Payments 18-19 (PDF File, 10kb)

Receipts and Payments 17-18 (PDF File, 6kb)

Receipts and Payments 15-16 (PDF File, 10kb)

Receipts and Payments 14-15 (PDF File, 10kb)

Receipts and Payments 13-14 (PDF File, 6kb)

Receipts and Payments 12-13 (PDF File, 6kb)


Clerk / Chairman's Comments


Dec 2019 (PDF File, 192kb)

Nov 2019 (PDF File, 196kb)

Oct 2019 - A&F (PDF File, 195kb)

Jul 2019 (PDF File, 13kb)

May 2019 (PDF File, 60kb)

Apr 2019 (PDF File, 128kb)

Mar 2019 (PDF File, 193kb)

Jan 2019 (PDF File, 9kb)


Dec 2018 (PDF File, 9kb)

Nov 2018 (PDF File, 9kb)

Sep 2018 (PDF File, 11kb)

Jul 2018 (PDF File, 9kb)

Jun 2018 (PDF File, 130kb)

May 2018 (PDF File, 11kb)

Apr 2018 (PDF File, 9kb)

Mar 2018 (PDF File, 125kb)

Jan 2018 (PDF File, 127kb)


Dec 2017 (PDF File, 129kb)

Nov 2017 (PDF File, 127kb)

Sep 2017 (PDF File, 135kb)

Jul 2017 (PDF File, 62kb)

May 2017 (PDF File, 127kb)

Apr 2017 (PDF File, 118kb)

Jan 2017 (PDF File, 131kb)

Mar 2017 (PDF File, 12kb)


Chairmans Comments Jan 16 (PDF File, 7kb)

Clerks / Chairmans Comments Mar 2016 (PDF File, 11kb)

Clerks / Chairmans Comments Apr 2016 (PDF File, 9kb)

May 16 (PDF File, 9kb)

Jul 2016 (PDF File, 9kb)

Sept 2016 (PDF File, 9kb)

Nov 2016 (PDF File, 127kb)

Dec 2016 (PDF File, 1kb)

Amenities & Finance Committee


Dec 2019 - A&F (PDF File, 197kb)

Sep 2019 - Amenities (PDF File, 198kb)

AF Jun 2019 (PDF File, 13kb)

Apr 2019 (PDF File, 131kb)

AF Feb 2019 (PDF File, 194kb)

AF Jan 2019 (PDF File, 12kb)


AF Nov 2018 (PDF File, 11kb)

AF Oct 2018 (PDF File, 12kb)

AF Sep 2018 (PDF File, 12kb)

AF May 2018 (PDF File, 11kb)

AF Apr 2018 (PDF File, 11kb)

AF Mar 2018 (PDF File, 128kb)

AF Jan 2018 (PDF File, 131kb)


AF Nov 2017 (PDF File, 135kb)

AF Oct 2017 (PDF File, 132kb)

AF Jun 2017 (PDF File, 129kb)

AF May 2017 (PDF File, 61kb)

AF Mar & Apr 2017 (PDF File, 128kb)

AF Jan 2017 (PDF File, 130kb)

AF Feb 2017 (PDF File, 11kb)


Chairmans Comments Jan 16 (PDF File, 7kb)

AF May 2016 (PDF File, 11kb)

AF Jun 2016 (PDF File, 12kb)

AF Sept 2016 (PDF File, 11kb)

AF Oct 2016 (PDF File, 63kb)

Finance & General Purposes Committee


Sep 2019 - Parish Council (PDF File, 198kb)


Chairmans Comments Nov 2016 (PDF File, 61kb)


Chairmans Comments Jan 15 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments Mar 15 (PDF File, 137kb)

Chairmans Comments Apr 15 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments May 15 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments Jul 15 (PDF File, 141kb)

Chairmans Comments Nov 15 (PDF File, 7kb)

Chairmans Comments Dec 15 (PDF File, 7kb)

Amenities & Finance Committee

AF Sept 2016 (PDF File, 11kb)

Chairmans Comments Sept 15 (PDF File, 142kb)

Chairmans Comments Oct 15 (PDF File, 322kb)


Chairmans Comments Jan 14 (PDF File, 139kb)

Chairmans Comments Apr 14 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments May 14 (PDF File, 139kb)

Chairmans Comments Jul 14 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments Sept 14 (PDF File, 140kb)

Chairmans Comments Nov 14 (PDF File, 134kb)

Chairmans Comments Dec 14 (PDF File, 136kb)

Amenities & Finance Committee

Chairmans Comments May 14 (PDF File, 136kb)

Chairmans Comments Oct 14 (PDF File, 145kb)



Agency Agreements 14-15 (PDF File, 68kb)

Agency Agreements 13-14 (PDF File, 68kb)

Agency Agreements 12-13 (PDF File, 68kb)

April 2019 APM (PDF File, 136kb)

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2016 (PDF File, 12kb)

Annual Parish Minutes 2015 (PDF File, 227kb)

Annual Parish Minutes 2014 (PDF File, 227kb)

Annual Return 18-19 (PDF File, 1,379kb)

Annual Return 17-18 (PDF File, 1,450kb)

Annual Return 16-17 (PDF File, 2,738kb)

Annual Return 15-16 (PDF File, 1,318kb)

Annual Return 14-15 (PDF File, 1,357kb)

Annual Return 13-14 (PDF File, 379kb)

Annual Return 12-13 (PDF File, 276kb)


Audit Declaration of Status 2015/16 (PDF File, 202kb)


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 18-19 (PDF File, 1,725kb)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 17-18 (PDF File, 291kb)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 16-17 (PDF File, 483kb)

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 15-16 (PDF File, 471kb)

Byelaws Lakeside (PDF File, 31kb)

Byelaws Playing Field (PDF File, 79kb)

Budget 2019-20 (PDF File, 705kb)

Budget 2018-19 (PDF File, 637kb)

Budget 2017-18 (PDF File, 783kb)

Oct 2019 - Cemeteries Sub-Committee (PDF File, 8kb)

Code of Conduct - Notice (PDF File, 170kb)

Code of Conduct (PDF File, 78kb)

Community Infrastructure Levy Fund [12kb]

2019 Committee Representatives [10kb] (Excel File)

Complaints Code of Practice (PDF File, 6kb)

Current Contracts 14-15 (PDF File, 93kb)

Current Contracts 15-16 (PDF File, 93kb)


Dignity at Work Policy (PDF File, 26kb)

Fees - Cemetery 2019 (PDF File, 106kb)

Fees - Sporting 2019 (PDF File, 109kb)

Financial Regulations (PDF File, 112kb)

General Privacy Notice (PDF File, 113kb)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF File, 734kb)

Hire Fees 2018 (PDF File, 13kb)

Inventory 18-19 (PDF File, 95kb)

Inventory 17-18 (PDF File, 85kb)

Inventory 16-17 (PDF File, 217kb)

Inventory 14-15 (PDF File, 212kb)

Inventory 13-14 (PDF File, 85kb)

Information Available on the Publication Scheme (PDF File, 345kb)

Members Allowances 18-19 (PDF File, 40kb)

Model Publication Scheme (PDF File, 334kb)

Records Retention Policy (PDF File, 77kb)

Schedule of Charges (PDF File, 100kb)

Schedule of Meetings 2019 (PDF File, 11kb)

Staffing Structure (PDF File, 67kb)

Supporting Statement 18-19 (PDF File, 20kb)

Supporting Statement 17-18 (PDF File, 21kb)

Supporting Statement 16-17 (PDF File, 92kb)

Supporting Statement 15-16 (PDF File, 93kb)

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