CCTV in Newark and Sherwood

The CCTV system throughout Newark and Sherwood is owned and operated by the district council and has been running 24 hours a day, every day of the year since its debut in October 1999.

Shared service

In addition to this through a shared service agreement, Ashfield District Council and Broxtowe Borough Council cameras are also monitored, maintained and managed by the Newark control room.

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All our cameras have been strategically placed in a carefully planned network designed to deter and detect acts of crime and disorder and help with community safety. All cameras are subject to regular reviews to ensure that they still meet the purpose for which they were originally installed.

The CCTV control room is continuously staffed by two SIA licensed operators, who monitor the approximately 90 public space cameras along with in the region of 70 additional cameras throughout the district. These operators work closely with the Police control rooms, helping policing in our area.

Links with Nottinghamshire Police

The control room has direct links with Nottinghamshire Police via dedicated police radios and a direct telephone link. We are also able to directly transmit images to the police control room to allow them to monitor live incidents.

Links with local businesses

The control room is in contact with in excess of 40 local businesses via a radio link system which enables retailers, including pubs and clubs, the control room and other organisations in Newark town centre to speak to each other, immediately.

The benefits of CCTV include:

  • Better targeting and use of police resources
  • Cameras deter criminal activity and disorder
  • Greater detection of incidents and identification of criminals
  • Quality evidence - a fearless and accurate witness
  • Prevention of incidents before they begin
  • Instant assistance with accidents/people taken ill
  • A greater chance of finding missing persons quickly
  • Decreased fear of crime in areas covered by CCTV
  • A 24 hour continual presence protecting communities

CCTV Codes of conduct

CCTV systems and operators have to work to a strict code of conduct.


It is possible for organised, official groups to visit the control room.

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Registration of CCTV Cameras

There is a legal requirement for organisations that process and collect CCTV images, under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016, to register their premises with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Most organisations and businesses will be required to pay an annual notification fee of £35 and provide details about the types of personal information they process.

Find out more about the notification process.

The ICO has produced an online self assessment tool to help businesses determine whether they need to notify.

Domestic CCTV

The ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) issued revised guidance on domestic CCTV in May 2015.

If someone’s domestic CCTV overlooks a boundary onto a road, path or neighbouring property then that person needs to be registered as a Data Controller with the ICO.  The ICO has very recently produced guidance for the public which can be accessed.

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