CIL Examination

The Examination Hearings into the CIL Draft Charging Schedule took place at Kelham Hall on the 20th and 21st July 2011.  The Examiner's Report was received on the 19th August and can be viewed below. On 20th September 2011 the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule, CIL Instalment Policy and Regulation 123 List of Schemes to be funded by CIL were approved by the District Council. These came into effect on the 1st December 2011 and can be viewed on the Community Infrastructure Levy webpage.

Further detail on the examination of the CIL Draft Charging Schedule can be found below.

CIL Examiners Report (PDF File, 205kb)

Submission Documents

Statement of Representations (Regulation 19) (PDF File, 404kb)

Planning Act Declaration (PDF File, 871kb)

Copies of Representations made in accordance with Regulation 17

Draft Charging Schedule

Draft Charging Schedule (PDF File, 7,079kb)

Community Infrastructure Levy Guide (March 2011) (PDF File, 328kb)

Community Infrastructure Levy Methodology (March 2011) (PDF File, 7,082kb)

Maximum CIL Rates (PDF File, 92kb)

Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (PDF File, 110kb)

Evidence Base:

Construction Cost Study (PDF File, 85kb) (including October 2010 addendum)

Valuation Report (PDF File, 15,579kb)(including January 2011 addendum)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Viability Assessments:

Agriculture (PDF File, 104kb)

Hotel (C1) (PDF File, 183kb)

Industrial (B1b, B1c, B2 and B8) (PDF File, 184kb)

Institutional & Community (D1) (PDF File, 184kb) 

Retail (Large) (A1) (PDF File, 184kb)

Retail (Small) (A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5) (PDF File, 183kb)  

Leisure (D2) (PDF File, 116kb)

Offices (B1a) (PDF File, 184kb)

Residential (Apartments) (C3) (PDF File, 190kb)

Residential (Single Property) (C3) (PDF File, 175kb)

Residential (3 bed) (C3) (PDF File, 190kb)

Residential Mixed (C3) (PDF File, 192kb)

Residential Institution (C2) (PDF File, 184kb)

Builders Merchants (Sui Generis) (PDF File, 183kb)

HGV Transport Yard (Sui Generis) (PDF File, 183kb)

Highways Depot (Sui Generis) (PDF File, 183kb)

Petrol Filling Stations (Sui Generis) (PDF File, 182kb)

Vehicle Sales (Sui Generis) (PDF File, 183kb)


Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations April 2010 (PDF File, 284kb)

Draft Amendment Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2011 (PDF File, 128kb)

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDF File, 6,163kb)

Community Infrastructure Levy Guide (October 2010) (PDF File, 287kb)

Community Infrastructure Levy Methodology (October 2010) (PDF File, 10,698kb)

Recommended Community Infrastructure Levy Rates (PDF File, 88kb)

Maximum Community Infrastructure Levy Rates (PDF File, 90kb)

Residential Community Infrastructure Levy Zones (PDF File, 5,280kb)

Commercial Community Infrastructure Levy Zones (PDF File, 5,080kb)

Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (PDF File, 103kb)

Consultation Responses Document (PDF File, 337kb)

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