Coddington Parish Council

Mr R O’Donnell -01636 671848

Mr Bernard Allen

Mrs Mary Molloson - 01636 678150

Mrs Wendy Parrett -  01636 672687

Mr David Armstrong (Chairman) - 01636 704566

Mrs Linda Cox - 01636 672387

Miss Linda Rowden Allen - 01636 921448

Ms Nerissa McDonald - 07793 491449

District and County Councillors for Coddington 

The District Councillors for Coddington are Betty Brooks and Johno Lee

The County Councillor for Coddington is Mrs Maureen Dobson 

Coddington Parish Council Meetings

We meet on the first Thursday of the month in the Coddington Community Centre at 7.30 pm unless otherwise stated. There is no meeting in August or December.

Planning Applications

You can attend parish council meetings where current planning applications will be on view.  You can view details of planning applications online.

Coddington Village Newsletter

The Coddington Community News is published four times an year and is financed by Coddington Parish Council.

Contributions are mainly from local organisations and groups. The editor of the Village News is Malcolm Baker - 01636 647119

Contact us

Clerk to Coddington Parish Council

Mrs Yvette Wellard
Flawford Cottage
NG24 2QY
01636 626780

Email coddingtonpc


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