Fire Kills

fire kills logoYou are four times more likely to die in a fire in your home if there is no working smoke alarm.

Last year more than 70 per cent of people who died were not alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm.

A common cause of smoke alarms not working is flat or missing batteries.

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Farm fires

A fire on a farm can have a devastating affect on business. More than 40% of farms that experience a serious fire never trade successfully again.

Incidents of deliberate fires on farms hit a peak during the months of July, August and September.

To help prevent fires on your farm:

  • Remove hay and straw from fields as soon as possible after harvesting
  • Store bales separately from buildings, machinery and chemicals
  • Make stacks a reasonable size and space them at least 10 metres apart
  • Keep petrol, diesel and other fuels (including gas cylinders) stored in secure areas
  • Keep fertilisers and pesticides under lock and key
  • Dispose of refuse safely on a regular basis
  • Ensure fences and gates are in good condition and check them regularly
  • Install intruder sensors and security lighting
  • Prepare a fire routine and action plan and make sure all farm workers know what to do
  • If a fire breaks out, call the fire and rescue service without delay

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