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Householder Prior Approval

In order to benefit from prior approval changes an applicant will need to notify us before starting works (including demolition) and provide the following information:

  • written description of the proposed development including how far the enlarged part of the dwellinghouse extends beyond the rear wall of the original dwellinghouse, the maximum height of the enlarged part of the dwellinghouse and the height of the eaves of the enlarged part of the dwellinghouse;
  • a plan indicating the site and showing the proposed development;
  • the addresses of any adjoining premises;
  • the developer’s contact address and email address if the developer is content to receive communications electronically.
  • We will need to consult the immediately adjoining premises and ask them whether they object to the proposals. They will have 21 days in which to respond, unless we agree a longer period.

Where any owner or occupier of any adjoining premises objects to the proposed development, then “the prior approval of the Council is required as to the impact of the proposed development on the amenity of any adjoining premises”.

We may require you to submit further information regarding the proposal.

When assessing the impact, we are required to:

  1. take into account any representations made as a result of the consultation process; and
  2. consider the amenity of all adjoining premises, not just adjoining premises which are the subject of representations.

You are advised not to start any works until you receive in writing confirmation as to whether our approval is given. We will normally give this view within 42 days of receipt of a valid submission. If the Council advised that prior approval is refused there is a right of appeal, which will be detailed in your decision letter.

If you are advised that prior approval is either not required, or is approved, the legislation requires that any 3m-6m or 4m-8m extension “shall be completed on or before 30th May 2019″. You are required to “…notify the local planning authority of the completion of the development as soon as reasonably practicable after completion”. This notification shall include:

  • the name of the developer
  • the address or location of the development
  • the date of completion

The form for this submission is available from the Planning Portal.

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