Food Business Pre-Event Questionnaire

All food traders should complete this questionnaire

Event Details

Contact Details

Types of Food

What are the main ingredients? (tick those that apply)

Equipment and Facilities Equipment and Facilities (tick those that apply)

(*If you use these you will need a powder or CO2 fire extinguisher and a fire blanket) These must be adequately maintained and fit for purpose.

Washing Facilities (tick those that apply)

*Hand cleaning gels alone will not be permitted where high risk and open foods are handled.

Power Source (tick those that apply)

*Copies of Certificates of the inspection of the gas installation by a person competent in LPG installation and maintenance of catering equipment should be sent with this form. GAS SAFE registration number is required and must include appropriate qualifications. PAT testing for electrical equipment must be up to date and evidence available on site.

Off-site facilities

Training of Food Handles and Managers

Please bring copies of training certificates or evidence of instruction given for:

  1. The Manager (trained in food safety management procedures)
  2. All food handlers present at the unit
Trading About the Trading Unit

What is the type of structure? (tick those that apply)

Set-up and Trading Times

Which days will you trade? (tick those that apply)

Trading History

Are you a member of the Nationwide Caterers Association?


All food traders may be subject to inspection before and during trading by Council's food safety officers. You will be expected to have considered the food safety problems that could arise in the business and show that they are under control. Documented procedures and records of checks must be kept at the trading unit and may be examined. If you have questions, please telephone 01636 650000. Or you could email us at:

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