VE Day - 75th Anniversary

VE Day 75th Anniversary (PDF File, 181kb)

Crops Obstructing Footpaths

Notts County Council are asking local residents to inform them at 0115 977 4802 if they are aware of any public footpaths on arable land in the parish that are being obstructed by crops.

Senior Rights of Way Officer for the joint partnership, Jane Baines, is anxious to ensure that obstructions do not take place and says they will write to any farmers who do not heed requests to rectify the position where blockage are allowed to occur.

The County say that where obstructions do occur they will ask the farmers to remove them or the County Council will carry out the work and charge the farmer for it.

Report a Problem With a Public Right of Way

Parish Councillors

Peter Clark - Vice-Chairman
Hall Farm, Top Street, Elston, NG23 5NP
Telephone 01636 525773 
Business 0115 989 0220 
Mobile 07973 389617 

Michael Key
Devon Farm, Cross Lane, Elston, NG235PR
Telephone 01636 525108
Mobile 07753 662176

Andy Biddlecombe
10 The Spinney, Elston, NG23 5PE

Bertie Pinchera (Chairman)
The Old School House, Church Lane, Elston, NG23 5FU
Telephone 01636 525935 
Mobile 07850 955537 

Elizabeth Murray
The Rectory, Top Street, Elston, NG23 5NP

Sandra Wright
Hideaway, Old Chapel Lane, Elston, NG23 5NY
Telephone 01636 525695
Mobile 07773 689736

Our councillors do not have set responsibilities but volunteer as matters arising occur.

If representation is required on external local public bodies, councillors volunteer depending on availability.

District and County Councillors

The district councillors for Elston are Councillors Ivor Walker, Keith Walker and Neill Mison

The county councillor for Elston is Sue Saddington.

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