LDF Evidence Base


The Infrastructure Delivery Plan has helped us gather information on current infrastructure provision throughout the District and to the establish future infrastructure requirements, the costs and methods of delivery necessary to accommodate growth.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Infrastructure Delivery Plan Addendum (PDF File, 641kb)


The District-Wide Transport Study identifies the cumulative transport implications of residential and employment growth within the District and highlights the necessary strategic transport infrastructure improvements.

District Wide Transport Study

Lindhurst Development, Mansfield - Traffic Impacts (PDF File, 516kb)


We have brought together a range of information relating to housing issues within the District, this information covers a broad range of matters but includes information relating to housing need and demand, how our housing market functions, affordable housing and its viability, gypsy and traveller accommodation needs as well as the identification and assessment of potential future housing sites.

Nottingham Outer Housing Market Area Strategic Housing Market Assessment (PDF File, 2,935kb)

Affordable Housing Viability Assessment (PDF File, 1,032kb)

Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment (PDF File, 899kb)

Housing Needs, Market and Affordability Study (available on the Affordable housing webpage)


Bridge Ward Neighbourhood Study Summary (PDF File, 1,551kb)


To inform future employment land provision through the Local Development Framework an Employment Land Review has been undertaken which has assessed the supply and demand of employment land within the region. This work was updated in the 2010 Study.

East Midlands Northern Sub Region Employment Land Review (PDF File, 1,531kb)

Newark and Sherwood Site Scores (PDF File, 29kb)

Newark and Sherwood Map (PDF File, 6,105kb)

Appendices A to K (PDF File, 845kb)          

Employment Land 2010 ARUP Update (PDF File, 599kb)


The Retail and Town Centre Study has been produced to aid the making of decisions over the nature and extent of future retail and leisure growth to be accommodated within the District.

Newark and Sherwood Retail and Town Centre Study (PDF File, 633kb)

Newark and Sherwood Retail and Town Centre Study - Plans (PDF File, 22,319kb)

Newark and Sherwood Retail and Town Centre Study - Appendices (PDF File, 6,276kb)

Retail Capacity and Retail Proposals Advice May 2012 (PDF File, 281kb)  

Landscape and Biodiversity

In terms of Landscape and Biodiversity the Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) explains the differences between landscapes based and so is useful in understanding, planning and managing landscape change as part of the determination of planning applications and in the production of the Local Development Framework. Following a period of consultation and the making of subsequent amendments the LCA was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document on the 11th December 2013. With regards to biodiversity the Biodiversity Implementation Plan seeks to provide an improved approach for biodiversity conservation.

Landscape Character Assessment SPD: Supplementary Planning Documents

Newark & Sherwood Biodiversity Implementation Plan (PDF File, 1,446kb)

Open Space and Green Infrastructure

The Green Infrastructure Strategy concerns the network of greenspaces and landscapes around and between our towns and villages, we have also gathered evidence regarding open space provision within the District through the Community Greenspace Provision Improvement Plans and have developed strategies for the management and future use of these spaces.

Green Infrastructure Strategy (PDF File, 9,769kb)

Community Greenspace Provision Improvement Plans

Green Spaces Strategy (PDF File, 2,114kb)

Newark and Sherwood Playing Pitch Strategy 2017 (PDF File, 748kb)

Flooding and Water Infrastructure

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and the Water Cycle Strategy are important in providing an assessment of the extent and nature of flood risk and water cycle issues within the District and its implications for land use planning. The studies also provide the basis for co-ordinating the planning and actions between water authorities and companies.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Part 1

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Part 2 (Draft)

Watercycle Strategy

Allocation and Development Management DPD Sequential Flood Risk Assessment (PDF File, 100kb)

Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy Policy Framework is part of a common county-wide approach to help inform the development of sustainable energy policies within Local Development Frameworks.

Towards a Sustainable Energy Policy for Nottinghamshire - Policy Framework (PDF File, 1,734kb)

Southwell Landscape Setting Study

The Southwell Landscape Setting Study outlines the underlying information and the approach taken to define the principal protected views of Southwell, and the boundary of the 'immediate surroundings' of the Thurgarton Hundred Workhouse within the Publication Allocations & Development Management DPD

Southwell Landscape Setting Study

Southwell Gateway Sites Assessment

The Southwell Gateway Sites Assessment details the assessments undertaken on 'gateway' sites across Southwell in order to inform the site selection process for the Publication Allocations & Development Managment DPD.

Southwell Gateway Sites Assessment (PDF File, 7,616kb)

Main Open Area Review

To inform the production of the Allocations & Development Management DPD a review of the Main Open Areas has been undertaken. The purpose of this review was to inform the proposed retention, amendment or deletion of existing designations and to also provide the basis for the making of new designations where there is merit in doing so.

Main Open Area Review (PDF File, 4,356kb)

Green Belt Study

In order to meet the requirements of Spatial Policy 4 A 'Extent of the Green Belt' a Green Belt Study has been undertaken to inform the small scale review of Green Belt boundaries in Blidworth, Rainworth and Lowdham. This study has informed the production of the Publication Allocations and Development Management DPD.

Green Belt Study (PDF File, 7,889kb)

Open Break Review

Open Break Assessment Report 2019 (PDF File, 2,481kb)

Open Break Assessment Appendices 2019 (PDF File, 15,270kb)

Figure 1 (PDF File, 6,764kb)

Figure 2 (PDF File, 6,093kb)

Figure 3 (PDF File, 3,683kb)

Figure 4 (PDF File, 3,581kb)

Figure 5 (PDF File, 3,795kb)

Figure 6 (PDF File, 3,752kb)

Figure 7 (PDF File, 3,759kb)

Figure 8 (PDF File, 3,732kb)

Figure 9 (PDF File, 3,628kb)

Figure 10 (PDF File, 7,891kb)

Figure 11 (PDF File, 3,030kb)

Figure 12 (PDF File, 3,448kb)

Figure 13 (PDF File, 3,500kb)

Figure 14 (PDF File, 3,464kb)

Figure 15 (PDF File, 3,466kb)

Figure 16 (PDF File, 3,462kb)

Figure 17 (PDF File, 3,455kb)

Figure 20 (PDF File, 8,214kb)

Figure 21 (PDF File, 2,426kb)

Figure 21 (PDF File, 2,426kb)

Figure 22 (PDF File, 3,216kb)

Figure 23 (PDF File, 3,311kb)

Figure 24 (PDF File, 3,264kb)

Figure 25 (PDF File, 3,270kb)

Figure 26 (PDF File, 3,246kb)

Figure 27 (PDF File, 3,268kb)

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