Spending over £500

We are committed to transparency in all our dealings and the publication of our spending information will allow residents to challenge how council money is spent.

Information has only been excluded from publication where:

  • the information is exempt from publication under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016
  • the information relates to the protection of vulnerable adults or children
  • the information is confidential or would attract an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act e.g. where disclosure could be prejudicial to the commercial interests of any person including the authority

The spending data has been prepared in accordance with the LGA Local Transparency Guide (PDF File, 263kb) - A Practitioners Guide to Publishing Local Spending Data

Any requests for further details about these items will be dealt with under freedom of information provisions. All queries relating to this data should be emailed to: exchequer@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk

Using the data

A CSV file is a specially formatted text file which stores basic spreadsheet or database-style information in a very simple format. CSV files can be opened in programs such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice.org Calc or even a simple word processor like Windows Wordpad.

Data has been extracted from the council’s purchase ledger system, eFinancials and supplemented by direct bank payments and purchase card records.

All invoice payments over £500.00 are disclosed excluding VAT. However, if the exclusion of VAT brings the total payment from above the £500.00 threshold to below the £500.00 threshold the payment is disclosed. Thus some payments of under £500.00 have also been included in the data. Credit notes over £500.00 have also been included and are shown as negative figure.

Each member of the council’s cabinet has responsibility for a portfolio which comprises a group of services. All items of expenditure are allocated to either a portfolio, spend on capital projects, capital expenditure being expenditure on the acquisition or creation of a fixed asset or expenditure which adds to, and not merely maintains, the value of an existing asset.

Certain transactions may be redacted or be exempt from publication. Personal information falls under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. These payments have been redacted and the entry is listed as ‘REDACTED PERSONAL DATA’.

Prompt Payment Obligations - Public Contracts Regulations 2015

For the financial year 2015/16

Proportion of invoices paid within 30 days in 2015/16 = 98.1%

Total amount of liability to pay interest on late invoices = £2,185.86

Total amount of interest actually paid = 0

Grants and funding expenditure

Community, sports, arts and events spending

Procurement card transactions

Details of all transactions undertaken using a Government Procurement Card.

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