Forest School

Forest school involves learning and discovery that’s in tune with nature and the great outdoors. Participants will take part in fun outdoor activities in our local parks and woodland.

Open to children aged five to ten years of all abilities, forest school aims to promote new skills, confidence, self-esteem and team building.

The woodland environment is central to the activities which include looking at the changing seasons and the smells, textures, sounds and tastes of nature.

Our Forest School Leaders are trained in first aid and have attained a Level Three Forest Schools leader course.

What to bring

What to wear?

  • old, comfortable clothing
  • waterproof jacket
  • long sleeved top and trousers
  • waterproof trousers
  • comfortable shoes or trainers
  • wellington boots
  • hat (either woolly or sun, depending on the weather!)

What else is needed?

  • packed lunch (if the session requires it)
  • hot drink (if the session requires it)
  • bottle filled with drinking water
  • any medication or environment protection products you require

What not to bring

  • money
  • mobile phones
  • valuables of any kind
  • knives or personal tools

The Forest School leader will bring a mobile phone, consent forms, contact details and any medical forms, bin bags, water for washing hands and also for fire safety and a first aid kit.

Booking a place

Places are available for children 5 to 10 years old and each session is limited to 15 participants. Workshops cost £5 per child

Please call 01636 650000 to book a place by debit or credit card.

Birthday parties

We’re now offering our Forest School workshops as a birthday party event. The workshops include games, craft tasks and cooking treats based around a theme of your choice.

If you would like more information about our forest school, please get in touch with us. 

Nature-inspired activities for kids

Here’s a round-up of some great resources for curious kids to try at home. Help inspire an interest in nature and a commitment to looking after our planet.