Campaign to improve recycling rates to make Newark and Sherwood ‘greener’

All 52,506 households with a recycling service in Newark and Sherwood are to be contacted to help make the district a ‘greener’ place to live as a new ‘Bin Smart’ initiative is launched to improve recycling rates. 

As part of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s Cleaner, Greener & Safer campaign, every home in the district will be contacted so that every resident can help make a difference.
Too many silver household recycling bins are put out for collection with items that shouldn’t be in there, including clothing, food waste and nappies.

There is also a problem, throughout Nottinghamshire, where approximately 15 per cent of items that are placed in the black or green ‘residual’ waste bins could actually be recycled.
Each year Newark and Sherwood District Council deals with nearly 45,000 tonnes of waste from 52,506 households across the district, of which nearly 33 per cent is recycled an increase of four per cent from 2015/16.

This month letters along with a leaflet which provides a detailed breakdown of what can be recycled and a sticker showing a summary of the information will be sent to all of those households to help spread the message. This is what you can put in the ‘silver’ recycling bins:

Paper: Newspapers, envelopes, magazines and catalogues, junk mail.
Cardboard: Cereal boxes, egg boxes, cardboard tubes.
Tins and cans: Food tins, drink and aerosol cans.
Plastics: (lids removed): Drinks bottles (pop, squash, milk, shower gel and shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs.

The council’s waste management teams are unable to collect glass in the silver bins due to Nottinghamshire County Council’s contract with Veolia as there are serious safety issues involved during the recycling separation process. For example, shards of glass in a bale of paper can severely damage the machinery in a paper mill. Householders are advised to use their local bottle banks.

Councillor Roger Jackson, chairman of the council’s Leisure and Environment Committee, said: “Our household waste collection and recycling services are vital in sorting out our rubbish and this is an area where all our residents and customers can play a key role in helping our Cleaner, Safer & Greener campaign.

“We can do much more to improve our recycling rates and cut down on bin contamination, which means putting the right stuff in the right bins. It also means putting more recyclables into the silver recycling bins and placing less in the green or black bins, which are for non-recyclable residual waste.

“If items are placed in the wrong bins, what we collect can become ‘contaminated’ and whole truckloads of recycling can end up not being recycled as they should.”

By recycling effectively you will also help to keep council tax bills lower. It costs around £45 less per tonne to recycle waste than send it off to landfill or energy recovery. If an entire lorry load of recycling is rejected then the costs may be even higher.
Here’s a few recycling tips to consider:

• Take all lids off recyclable plastic bottles and place in the residual bin
• Wash any food from items you put in the bin. Rinse out food tins, trays and bottles.
• Don’t put recyclable items in plastic bags.
• Try separating your recycling and rubbish in the bathroom to make it easier when you take items out to the bins.

The recycling campaign in Newark and Sherwood, which is also taking place throughout Nottinghamshire, coincides with Recycle Week which this year takes place from September 24-30.
Watch the video of what happens to your recycling at the Materials Recovery Facility:

We want to make our district even Greener. The campaign will:

  • Reduce littering in parks and green spaces
  • Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour in parks and green spaces
  • Increase recognition of the parks and green spaces in the District
  • Increase the reuse, recycling or composting or household and garden waste
  • Improve the appearance of streets by reducing the quantity of street clutter, including fly posting, and improving the quality of signage including traffic and directional signage

The quick and simple way of reporting an incident relating to the campaign is to complete the relevant online form. Alternatively call the Customer Services team on 01636 650000.

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