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The Bridge Ward Neighbourhood Study, carried out in 2012, looked at the relationship between Yorke Drive estate and the rest of Bridge Ward, and explored how to regenerate this area.

A key output of the Study related to the ‘transformational project’ focussing on the growth and regeneration of the Yorke Drive estate in Newark; along with proposals for delivering new homes on the Lincoln Road playing fields and enhancing the local sport and play provision offer and creating a community hub. Unfortunately due to lack of funds at the time this was not taken forward.

In 2017, Newark and Sherwood District Council secured Government funding to look again at options for the regeneration of the Yorke Drive estate, to make it a safer and a better place to live. This includes considering possible options for the development of additional housing for rent and sale on part of the Lincoln Road playing fields, and the provision of improved sports and recreational facilities.

Throughout 2018 the council, along with the consultants Campbell Tickell, have carried out an extensive consultation and master-planning exercise to look at all the options and give local residents and stakeholders the opportunity to feed in their views of the priorities for improving the area.

Everyone who lives, works or is involved in some way with the Yorke Drive estate has had the opportunity to get involved and this will continue throughout the proposed regeneration scheme.

Through the consultation exercises we have received positive resident feedback supporting the regeneration proposals - provided new homes are linked to estate improvement. We have also introduced a ‘Resident Offer’, which gives the opportunity for every resident who wishes to remain on Yorke Drive to do so, along with providing financial compensation and a dedicated officer support.

Firm proposals have now been drawn up to take the scheme forward.

Following a meeting of the Council’s policy and finance committee on 29 November 2018, an outline planning application for the regeneration scheme has now been submitted.

Yorke Drive Outline Planning Application

An outline planning application to transform and regenerate the Yorke Drive estate in Newark has now been submitted.

The broad vision of the scheme includes:

  • Undertaking selective demolition and redevelopment of parts of the existing Yorke Drive estate
  • Building up to 325 new mixed tenure homes, to modern space standards, for rent and sale
  • Raising money for new rented homes and improvements to the whole estate
  • A safe, multi-functional park providing improved sports and leisure facilities for all
  • Improving road access and the road network in the area
  • Making the whole area a better and safer place to live
  • A new frontage and new access to create a new “front door” to the estate on Lincoln Road

Subject to change, the plans are set out four phases. The first phase includes building 76 new homes on part of the Lincoln Road playing fields, which will be for residents affected by demolition of their homes, along with improved playing facilities.

Phase Two includes the demolition of 66 homes lying between Lincoln Road and Yorke Drive itself and a new self-contained development will take its place with road access point, improved open spaces and estate improvement works including traffic calming measures.

In Phase Three a second section of housing, next to those affected by Phase Two, will be demolished and a new development will include similar improvements to Phase Two.

In Phase Four 114 new homes will be built on a second portion of the existing playing fields, also with estate improvements.

Pre Demolition and Redevelopment Notice to residents

In December 2018 all residents on the Yorke Drive Estate received a letter inviting comments on the regeneration proposals and formal planning application. The letter also contains details of the 'residents offer' for council tenants and homeowners whose homes are affected by demolition and redevelopment. 

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