Organised Firework Displays

High Marnham - Monday 5 November

The Brownlow Arms holds its annual GuyFawkes night, starting with a bonfire night at 6pm and foreworks 30 minutes later.
Entry is £3 for adults, £2 for children and under 5's free.

Newark Rugby ClubMonday 5 November, gates open 6pm - Fairground rides, licensed bar and food.

Car entry - £15
Per pedestrian - £5

Newark R&M Cricket Club - Friday 2 November, club open from 6pm - Licensed bar and hot food available.

£2.50 per person
Parking free

Rainworth Welfare Social Club (sportsground opposite) - Saturday 3 November, 6.30pm - 11pm - Fairground rides, food stalls and other attractions. Free disco in the Welfare to follow.

Free admission (donations to the Rainworth Miners Welfare Trust will be acceped on the gate)

Flowserve Sports and Social Club Saturday 3 November, 5pm - BBQ, bar, burgers, sausages and mushy peas.

£3 per person (under 5s free)

Southwell Rugby ClubMonday 5 November, 6:30 - 10:30pm - Food stalls, bars, entertainment.

£15 family ticket
£5 single ticket

Walesby Forest Adventure Activity CentreSaturday 3 November, 5:30pm - 10:30pm - Food stalls, free parking, fun fair, beer tent and a family fun fair.

Free car parking
£5 per adult on the gate
£4 per child (up to 16 years) on the gate
Children under 4 free

Oxton Village BonfireSaturday 3 November, 6pm - 10:30pm - Traditional village bonfire at Oxton Village Hall. Hot food, drinks, live music, bonfire and an incredible fireworks display by Illusion Fireworks. Free parking off Hatfield Lane.
Gates open at 6pm
Bonfire lit at 6:30pm
Fireworks to commence around 7:30pm

Adults - £5
Under 16s - £3

Winthorpe Bonfire and Fireworks display (field behind the school) - Saturday 3 November, 6pm - 9pm - There will be a burger van, firework display, bonfire and a bar available. 

Kelham Hall Limited - Saturday 3 November, 5pm - 9pm - Enjoy the live music, fairground rides and traditional firework night treats! Hall access, bars, hot food and fairground rides are available up to 9pm. Camping options are also available. 

Standard car entry - £20 on the gate
Large car entry (up to 7 passengers) - £25 on the gate

Collingham - Saturday 3 November

Family tickets costing £15 are available for the bonfire and fireworks display. Lighting the bonfire is at 6:15pm beofre a firework display at 7pm.

Entry is £5 for adults and £2.50 for children.

Bingham - saturday 3 November

Fire-eaters will attend the event at Bingham Town Sports Club's fireworks disaplay. Visitors will also be treated to live music alongside the regular food stalls bar, bonfire and fireworks display.

The gate opens at 6pm and entry is £3 for adults and £2 for children.

Fabulous Firework Facts

Advice from Notts Fire and Rescue Service 

Fabulous firework facts and rules for you to pass on to people at home:

  • Only fireworks marked with BS 7114 should be bought
  • Fireworks should be kept in a closed box
  • A responsible adult should light the firework at arm’s length, using a taper
  • Keep to the 11pm rule – no fireworks should be set off after this time!
  • Tell your neighbours that you are having a brilliant firework display in your garden so they can be aware of any sudden noises etc
  • Read the fireworks instructions…simple!
  • Never, ever, ever put fireworks in your pockets…ouch!
  • It’s best if only one adult takes responsibility for letting off the fireworks!

Pet care

Fireworks night can be a frightening time for animals but there are things you can do to help them (advice from the Blue Cross).

Birds and small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and ferrets are easily frightened by fireworks. Here are some tips:

  • Bring their hutches/cages indoors – into a quiet room, garage or shed
  • If you can’t bring them inside, turn their enclosure around so it faces a wall or fence instead of the open garden
  • Give them extra bedding to burrow into so they feel safe
  • Cover any aviaries/hutches with thick blankets or a duvet to block out the sound of the bangs and the sight of the fireworks but make sure there’s enough ventilation

If you have dogs or cats, here are some top tips:

  • Always keep them inside when fireworks are being let off
  • Make sure your dog is walked earlier in the day before the fireworks start
  • Close all windows and doors and block off catflaps to stop pets escaping and keep noise to a minimum
  • Draw the curtains
  • If your animals are used to the sounds of TV or radio switch them on to block out some of the noise (not too loudly though)
  • Make sure your pet is wearing some form of easily readable identification
  • Prepare a den for your pet where they can feel safe – perhaps under a bed with some of your old clothes. They may want to hide when the fireworks start.
  • Let them pace around, whine, miaow and hide in a corner if they want to. Don’t try to coax them out or cuddle/comfort them.
  • If they think you’re worried too this can make them feel even worse so stay relaxed, act normally and praise calm behaviour
  • Try not to leave your pet alone and if you do have to go out, don’t be angry if you find they’ve been destructive when you get back
  • Don’t tie your dog up outside, leave them in the garden or in your car during the fireworks 
  • Don’t take your dog with you to a fireworks display

Here’s some advice if you have a horse or pony:

  • Try to make sure fireworks aren’t set off near your horse’s field or stable – tell neighbours and local fireworks display organisers that there are horses nearby
  • Keep your horse in a familiar environment and a normal routine with companions to make them feel secure. If they’re normally out in the field, keep them there as long as it’s safe, secure and not near the fireworks display area.
  • If you know your horse reacts badly to loud noises, it might be worth speaking to your vet or considering moving them for a night
  • Try to stay calm and positive as horses can sense your unease
  • Don’t try to get in the way if your horse gets frightened as you may get hurt

Sky lantern and balloon release ban

Sky lanterns and helium balloon releases are now banned in our council parks.

The decision has been made due to concerns about the environmental impact of the balloons and risk to the public and animals.

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