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Immobilise helps Police reunite stolen items with their rightful owners in the event of them being recovered.

Securing your phone

  • Never leave your mobile phone on show in your car, even if it's just for a moment. If you have to leave it, make sure it's secure, out of sight and can't be heard.
  • Don't draw attention to your phone by leaving it on view on tables in pubs, cafes and restaurants. A tactic used by thieves is to place newspapers or other items over the phone and then scoop it up. They sometimes distract phone owners by asking for directions and taking the phone when they are not looking.
  • Don't leave your phone unattended in coat pockets or bags.
  • Avoid using you mobile phone in the street. If you to, be discreet.
  • Lock the keypad using a PIN number or pattern code when you are not using your phone. This means it can't be used to make calls or access your personal data, such as emails and social media accounts, it it is stolen.
  • Mark your phone, battery and accessories with your postcode using an ultraviolet marker pen. If your phone is stolen and later recovered by police this will make it easier to reunite you with it.
  • Regularly back up your data, contacts and photos in case your phone gets damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Record your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) somewhere safe. To find out what yours is dial *#06# on your phone or look in the settings on your smartphone.
  • If your phone is stolen - report it to the police immediately. Tell them your IMEI number, if you have any tracking apps installed or any markings on your phone. Tell your insurer and service provider too.


If you own a smartphone, activate the 'Find My Phone' app or install a free tracking app, such as PREY.

These apps provide a GPS location of the device when it is switched on. You can log in from a computer if your phone goes missing and locate the device.

The apps allow you to instruct your phone to make a loud noise (to help you find it if it is lost) or to wipe the contents (if you believe it has fallen into the wrong hands). Activating the app could also help police track your phone if it is stolen.

Nottinghamshire Alert

Nottinghamshire Alert is a system which allows Nottinghamshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch in Nottinghamshire and other organisations that work for the public to send community safety messages quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in getting updates on major incidents, advice on crime prevention and community safety and alerts about criminal operating in your area, make sure you are registered with the system.

You can report antisocial behaviour in your area and receive responses from police about the incident you have reported and find out how to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or set up your own in your street be registering.

What do I get?

  • A totally free service - you can control your message settings and choose to receive alerts via email, text message to your mobile phone or recorded voicemail. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Information about crime trends, incidents and appeals from authorised police officers and police staff. Report suspicious and antisocial behaviour (not crime), receive updates and responses about them.
  • Start, manage or request to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area.
  • Configure how, when and which messages you'd like to receive.

If you want to know more about Nottinghamshire Alert, contact Nottinghamshire Police's Pre Crime Unit

Phone: 101 extension 800 3011

To register for Nottinghamshire Alert visit  

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