Microchips leave council hungering for more registrations

30 August 2016

Dog owners who have had their dogs microchipped may still be only half-way to making sure their dogs meet legal requirements – unless the dog’s details are registered on a recognised database, says our dog warden Val Brown.

This failure to get microchips registered is also causing delays in reuniting lost dogs with their owners,” said Val. “We are getting dogs which have microchips but have no details recorded on any database, which makes it impossible for us to quickly reunite dogs with their owners.”

New legislation brought in earlier this year made it compulsory for dog owners to microchip their dogs and also to register the dog’s details and keep them up to date.

“Some vets and other implanters such as animal charities do enter the details on a database on behalf of owners, but some don’t,” said Val.

“That means the owners are not meeting their legal requirements – but we are not out to punish owners, we just want to educate them, so that they know what they need to do.

“If the details are registered, owners get an email asking them to check that they are correct. They have two weeks during which they can make changes or corrections for free. After that they have to pay a fee to update their entry.

“But some implanters leave it to owners to register the details and it’s the owners’ responsibility to make sure that they are on a database. We’ve had people who are afraid to reclaim lost dogs because they thought they might have to pay a fine, but it doesn’t work like that.

“Owners whose dogs have an unregistered microchip or no microchip at all will get a letter giving them time to put this right before any other action is taken.

“We would ask anyone who is not sure about their registration to check with their vet or implanter that the registration has been entered and that their dog’s details are on a database and are accurate and up to date.”

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