Criminal Behaviour Order for teenager

16 November 2017

A VIOLENT teenager who has been involved in a number of incidents of physical assaults, verbal abuse and threatening behaviour has been served with a 12-month long Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

The boy, who lives in Newark and for legal reasons cannot be named, has been responsible for more than 40 incidents of anti-social behaviour – including assault against a police officer - over a four-year period that has included racist and homophobic abuse, spitting, stone-throwing, egg-throwing, threats, harassment and intimidation.

Repeated attempts by Nottinghamshire Police and Newark and Sherwood District Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team had previously failed to curtail the teenager’s conduct before they successfully applied to Nottingham Youth Court on November 8 for the CBO.

Under the terms of the order the boy is forbidden from any association with a number of named individuals, banned from being among a group of more than three persons except accompanied by an adult or with close relatives, and barred from entering an area of Newark, including the Asda superstore, the Stodman Street subway, Sherwood Avenue Park, the Co-operative store on Churchill Drive and any public play areas in Newark and Balderton.

He is further forbidden from riding, driving or sitting on a motor vehicle not intended for use on the roads and from motor vehicles including, but not limited to, quads, off-road bikes and pit bikes.

He cannot also cause harassment, alarm or distress to anyone including, but not limited to, swearing and/or abusive, threatening, intimidating or aggressive language in Newark and Sherwood.

The boy pleaded guilty to two assaults, one in which a police officer suffered a broken thumb, criminal damage and driving without insurance.  In addition to the CBO he was given an eight-month referral order and warned that if he committed any further assaults he would be facing youth detention. Any driving licence he obtains in the future will be endorsed with six points.

The court heard that on one occasion the boy hit a relative with a pool cue causing it to break and in another incident, while he was among a group intimidating a couple, he kicked the boyfriend before  stamping on and breaking the girlfriend’s  spectacles.

Other assaults included punching a boy in the face causing him to suffer a nose bleed and bruised cheek and head-butting a teenager in the face. Another victim suffered a black eye at the hands of the defendant.

On a separate occasion he reportedly encouraged two brothers to fight while he filmed them and when part of group that was throwing stones and harassing another couple, he was verbally abusive, threatened to stab the boyfriend and spat at him. During this incident the girlfriend suffered bleeding to the head after being hit by a stone.

The defendant has also been ordered to undertake a course of remedial therapy.

Council anti-social behaviour officer Terry Bailey said: “It is clear from the levels of anti-social behaviour and the many warnings and opportunities presented to this boy that he has chosen to ignore them.  His behaviour has continued to escalate to worrying levels of aggression and abuse including physical abuse.

“The terms of these orders are aimed at assisting this young man to deal with his persistent offending and rehabilitate him into the community.

“Hopefully this order will provide a framework to set boundaries to manage his behaviour and the impact his behaviour has on the wider community within Newark.  If, however, his bad behaviour continues   he will then have to answer to the court for his actions and could end up in custody.”

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