Norwell Parish Council

General Documents


2017/18 Notice of Public Right to Inspect (PDF File, 642kb)

2017/18 Local Authority Accounts Summary (PDF File, 1,722kb)

2017/18 Items of Expenditure Over £100 (PDF File, 148kb)

2017/18 Exempt Authority No Audit Declaration (PDF File, 168kb)

2017/18 Certificate of Exemption (PDF File, 970kb)

2017/18 Bank Reconciliation (PDF File, 88kb)

2017/18 - Significant Variances (PDF File, 58kb)

2017/18 - Public Land and Value (PDF File, 114kb)

2017 Notice of Commencement of Public Right to Inspect (PDF File, 1,429kb)

2017 Accounts Declaration (PDF File, 228kb)

2017 - Annual Governance and Accounting (PDF File, 1,805kb)


2016/17 Variances (PDF File, 195kb)

2016/17 Items of Expenditure Over £100 (PDF File, 48kb)

2016/17 Bank Reconciliation (PDF File, 104kb)

2016/17 - Internal Auditors Report (PDF File, 974kb)

2016/17 External Auditors Report (PDF File, 632kb)

2016/17 Notice of Completion of Audit (PDF File, 773kb)


2015/16 Concluded Audit Notice (PDF File, 862kb)

2015/16 External Audit Certificate and Report (PDF File, 753kb)

2015/16 External Audit Notes (PDF File, 255kb)

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