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‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Examination Library

The library contains documents submitted with the Amended Core Strategy and background documents that informed its production.  It will also list documents related to the examination and will be updated as the examination progresses.

Examination documents

INS/01 Initial query from inspector 3 Nov 2017 (PDF File, 85kb)
INS/02 Hearings agenda (with MIQs) (PDF File, 269kb)
INS/03 Guidance note for hearings (PDF File, 438kb)
INS/04 Post Hearing Note 12 February 2018 (PDF File, 79kb)
INS/05 Post Hearing Note 2 13 February 2018 (PDF File, 252kb)
INS/06 Post-Hearing Note 3 15 February 2018 (PDF File, 114kb)
INS/07 Email to Dr Murdoch 15 March 2018 (PDF File, 177kb)
INS/08 Post-Hearing Note 4 8 May 2018 (PDF File, 72kb)
INS/09 Post-Hearings Note 5 11 May 2018 (PDF File, 87kb)



NSH/01 Council response to inspector's query 10 Nov 2017 (PDF File, 1,093kb)
NSH/02 Annual Monitoring Report 2016 - 2017 (PDF File, 1,796kb)
NSH/03 Post Hearing Matter 14 Statement (PDF File, 588kb)
NSH/04 Post-Hearing Matter 14 Council response to Dr Murdoch statement (PDF File, 389kb)

Council Response to Additional Information from Dr Murdoch (PDF File, 260kb)


Recovered Appeal Decision Mansfield Road (PDF File, 1,179kb)

NSH/07 Council response to the Inspector's post-hearings Note 18 May 2018 (PDF File, 330kb)


OTH/01 Committee Report October 2017 (PDF File, 1,538kb)
OTH/02 Plan of land at Weston (PDF File, 88kb)
OTH/03 Agenda for Planning Committee 6 Feb 2018 (PDF File, 2,038kb)
OTH/04 Figures from Dr Angus Murdoch re GTAA calculations (PDF File, 191kb)

Dr Murdoch Final Response to LPA post hearing statement (PDF File, 564kb)


Murdoch Planning Final Response - Appendix 1 (PDF File, 173kb)


Murdoch Planning Final Response - Appendix 2 (PDF File, 159kb)


Murdoch Planning Final Response - Appendix 3 (PDF File, 71kb)


Murdoch Planning Final Response - Appendix 4 (PDF File, 2,083kb)


Enforcement notice March 2018 (PDF File, 263kb)


Email from Dr Murdoch to support enforcement notice (PDF File, 60kb)

Hearing Statements

Submission documents

CS/01 Publication amended Core Strategy DPD (PDF File, 20,283kb)
CS/02 Publication Amended Core Strategy DPD (clean version) (PDF File, 19,942kb)
CS/03 Newark and Sherwood Policies Map Amendments (PDF File, 1,314kb) 
CS/04 Adopted Core Strategy (March 2011) (PDF File, 3,021kb)
CS/05 Adopted Allocations and Development Management DPD (PDF File, 10,347kb)
CS/06 Policies Maps
CS/07 Notice of submission (PDF File, 215kb)
CS/08 Regulation 22 Statement of Consultation (PDF File, 2,204kb) 
CS/09 & CS/10 Representations to consultation
CS/11 Statement of Consultation (Regulation 18) (PDF File, 254kb)
  Appendix 1 - Regulation 18 Specific Consultee List (PDF File, 186kb)
  Appendix 2 - Regulation 18 Issues Paper Statement of Consultation (PDF File, 473kb)
  Appendix 3 - Preferred Approach Strategy Responses Summary (PDF File, 374kb)
  Appendix 4 - Reg 18 Preferred Approach Sites and Settlements Response Summary (PDF File, 350kb)
  Appendix 5 - Reg 18 Preferred Approach Town Centre and Retail Responses Summary (PDF File, 477kb)
CS/12 Statement of Fact Notice (PDF File, 249kb)
CS/13 Statement of Representation Procedure (PDF File, 219kb)
CS/14 Representation Guidance Notes (PDF File, 330kb)
CS/15 Statement of Compliance with the Duty to Cooperate (PDF File, 1,222kb) 
CS/16 Uncoupling Briefing Note (PDF File, 209kb)
CS/18  Self Assessment Test of Legal Compliance (PDF File, 590kb)
CS/19  Self Assessment Test of Soundness Part 2 (PDF File, 688kb)
CS/20 Preferred Approach Strategy (PDF File, 1,399kb)
CS/21 Preferred Approach Settlements and Sites (PDF File, 25,474kb)
CS/22 Preferred Approach Town Centre and Retail (PDF File, 3,766kb)
CS/23 Issues Paper (PDF File, 884kb)
CS/24 Issues Paper - Statement of Consultation (PDF File, 438kb)
CS/25 Planning Advisory Service Core Strategy Review (PDF File, 117kb)
CS/26 Statement of Community Involvement (March 2015) (PDF File, 793kb)

Integrated Impact Assessments

IIA/01 Post consultation IIA - Publication Amended Core Strategy (2017) (PDF File, 3,117kb)
IIA/02 Draft IIA - Publication Amended Core Strategy (2017) (PDF File, 3,785kb)
IIA/03 Post consultation IIA - Preferred Approach Strategy (2017) (PDF File, 3,423kb)
IIA/04 Post consultation IIA Preferred Approach - Sites & Settlements and Town Centre & (PDF File, 2,718kb)
IIA/05 IIA/05 Post consultation IIA Scoping Report (2015) (PDF File, 4,316kb)
HRA/01 Habitats Regulations Re-screening Document (July 2017) (PDF File, 1,728kb)
HRA/02 Habitats Regulations Assessment - Screening Report (PDF File, 1,619kb)


ENV/01 SFRA Review 2017 Consultation Document and Appendices (PDF File, 21,900kb)
ENV/02 Level 2 SFRA Report (May 2017) (PDF File, 10,536kb)
ENV/03 Water Cycle Study Review 27-01-2017 (PDF File, 4,862kb)
ENV/04 Green Infrastructure Strategy (PDF File, 9,769kb)
ENV/05 Landscape Character Assessment SPD (PDF File, 24,776kb)
ENV/06 Playing Pitch Strategy (PDF File, 1,113kb)
ENV/07 Newark and Sherwood Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment 2014 (PDF File, 3,649kb)
ENV/08 Playing Pitch Strategy Update (2016/17) (PDF File, 598kb)
ENV/09 Heritage Impact Assessment (PDF File, 760kb)


EMP/01 Employment Land Forecasting Study (PDF File, 7,022kb)
EMP/02 NTU Brackenhurst Campus Memorandum of Understanding (PDF File, 5,151kb) 


RET/01 Town Centre & Retail Study (Main Text) (PDF File, 3,140kb)
RET/01A Retail and Town Centre Study (Appendices) (PDF File, 8,026kb)


HOU/01 Nottingham Outer Housing Market Area Strategic Housing Market Assessment (PDF File, 6,172kb)
HOU/02 Nottingham Outer SHMA EXEC SUMMARY (PDF File, 423kb)
HOU/03 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Addendum (PDF File, 249kb)
HOU/04 HMA Position Statement - Farnsfield Appeal (PDF File, 818kb)
HOU/05 Nottingham Outer SHMA Update Report May 2017 V2 (PDF File, 938kb)
HOU/06 Housing Market & Needs Assessment 2014 (PDF File, 4,041kb)
HOU/07 Housing Market and Needs Assessment Sub-Area Report (PDF File, 713kb)
HOU/08 Strategic Housing & Employment Availability Assessment (2017) (PDF File, 1,048kb)
HOU/09 Newark and Rural South Sub-Area (1) Assessments (PDF File, 8,813kb)
HOU/10 Collingham Sub-Area (2) Assessments (PDF File, 777kb)
HOU/11 Rural North Sub-Area (3) Assessments (PDF File, 541kb)
HOU/12 Mansfield Fringe Sub-area Assessments (PDF File, 4,356kb)
HOU/13 Nottingham Fringe Sub-area Assessments (PDF File, 888kb)
HOU/14 Sherwood Area Sub-area Assessments (PDF File, 4,688kb)
HOU/15 Southwell Area Sub-area Assessments (PDF File, 1,575kb)

Transport & infrastructure

INF/01 Infrastructure Delivery Plan February 2017 (PDF File, 13,729kb)
INF/02 Infrastructure Funding Gap Review Report (PDF File, 448kb)
INF/03 CIL Charging Schedule including Instalment Policy (PDF File, 7,248kb)
INF/04 Draft Charging Schedule 2017 (PDF File, 407kb)
INF/05 Draft Amended CIL Regulation 123 list (PDF File, 227kb)

Whole Plan and CIL Viability Assessment (PDF File, 1,706kb)

Property Valuation Report Appendix 1 (PDF File, 5,755kb)

Newark and Sherwood Construction Costs Appendix 2 (PDF File, 54kb)

INF/07 Statement of Common Ground (PDF File, 225kb)

Gypsy and Traveller provision

GT/01 Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment (June 2016) (PDF File, 660kb)
GT/02 Gypsy and Traveller DPD Preferred Strategy (PDF File, 356kb)
GT/03 Gypsy & Traveller DPD Issues Paper (PDF File, 523kb)
GT/04 Gypsy and Traveller PS Equality Impact Assessment Feb 2015 (PDF File, 270kb)
GT/05 Preferred Strategy Sustainability Appraisal (PDF File, 1,676kb)
GT/06 Summary of Responses on Gypsy and Traveller Assessment Methodology Consultation (PDF File, 229kb)
GT/07 Consultation Report on Gypsy & Traveller DPD Issues paper (PDF File, 266kb)
GT/08 Tolney Lane Traffic Survey (PDF File, 745kb)
GT/09 Summary of Stakeholder Consultation Event (PDF File, 238kb)

Amended CS DPD - examination

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