Rolleston Parish Council Contacts

For details on councillor responsibilities please view our 

Tim Harries- Chairman
Manor Close
Station Road
NG23 5SE
01636 815 838 / 07841 872221

Pati Colman
Rolleston Villa
NG23 5SG
01636 813260

Jane Geraghty
Orchard House
Station Road
NG23 5SE

Tony Hillary
Rolleston Manor
Station Road
NG23 5SE
07775 510000

Christine Salter
1 Goodwins Court
NG23 5SD
01636 819 197

Lucy Sole
The Station House
Station Road
NG23 5SE
07983 787143 or 01636 819237

Richard Thackeray
6 Corner Farm Close
NG23 5TR
07739 605262

District and County Councillors

District Councillor for Rolleston - Councillor Roger Blaney

County Councillor for Rolleston - Councillor Sue Saddington

Parish Clerk

There is a vacancy for the Parish Clerk. More information is available in the 

The Council can still be contacted on

Council meetings

Rolleston parish council meet on the first Monday of every month (except Bank Holidays) at 7.30pm at Rolleston Village Hall (Greenaway)

You may wish to view all current planning applications for Rolleston

Parish Council meeting dates

First Monday of each month, except if that date falls on a Bank Holiday when the meeting will take place on the following Monday. No meeting is normally held during August.

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Contact us

Clerk to Rolleston Parish Council

Email contact - rolleston.parishcouncil


‌Agendas and Minutes:

Agenda - 12 April 2021 (PDF File, 535kb) (PDF File, 535kb)



Minutes- 1 March 2021 (PDF File, 504kb) (PDF File, 504kb) (PDF File, 504kb)
Agenda - 1 March 2021 (PDF File, 606kb) (PDF File, 606kb) (PDF File, 606kb)

Minutes 1 February 2021 (PDF File, 945kb) (PDF File, 945kb) (PDF File, 945kb)
Agenda - 1 February 2021 (PDF File, 509kb) (PDF File, 509kb) (PDF File, 509kb)
Minutes- 4 January 2021 (PDF File, 497kb) (PDF File, 497kb) (PDF File, 497kb)
Agenda- 4 January 2021 (PDF File, 511kb) (PDF File, 511kb) (PDF File, 511kb)
Minutes- 7 December 2020 (PDF File, 391kb) (PDF File, 391kb) (PDF File, 391kb)
Agenda - 7 December 2020 (PDF File, 113kb) (PDF File, 113kb) (PDF File, 113kb)
Minutes- 7 September 2020 (PDF File, 394kb) (PDF File, 394kb) (PDF File, 394kb)
Agenda- 7 September 2020 (PDF File, 313kb) (PDF File, 313kb) (PDF File, 313kb)
Minutes- 19 August 2020 (PDF File, 140kb) (PDF File, 140kb) (PDF File, 140kb)
Minutes- 8 May 2020 (PDF File, 596kb) (PDF File, 596kb) (PDF File, 596kb)
Minutes- 22 April 2020 (PDF File, 616kb) (PDF File, 616kb) (PDF File, 616kb)
Minutes - March 2020 (PDF File, 1,163kb) (PDF File, 1,163kb) (PDF File, 1,163kb)
Agenda - 02 March 2020 (PDF File, 446kb) (PDF File, 446kb) (PDF File, 446kb)
Minutes- 3 February 2020 (PDF File, 545kb) (PDF File, 545kb) (PDF File, 545kb)
Agenda- 3 February 2020 (PDF File, 452kb) (PDF File, 452kb) (PDF File, 452kb)
Minutes- 6 January 2020 (PDF File, 731kb) (PDF File, 731kb) (PDF File, 731kb)
Agenda- 6 January 2020 (PDF File, 450kb) (PDF File, 450kb) (PDF File, 450kb)


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