Tips For Your First Half Marathon

Start From Where you are:

Work out what you currently do and use that as your starting point. If the longest you've run is 4 miles, then build it up gradually to 4.5 miles, 5 and so on. Keeping your increase to around 10% per week and no more will help reduce your risk of injury. 

Build up the miles:

Crossing that line needs to be your goal, rather than aiming for a specific time. If you're able to run three times a week, create a plan that has a long run, a shorter easy run and maybe one at a slightly faster pace. Save the hard-core-speed-work for your second half marathon. 

Don't Just Run:

Plan some time into your weeks to work on keeping your body fit and strong. Keep your body moving well and prevent muscle tightness, adding some yoga, pilates or stretching into your routine. To strengthen the muscles you use when running, build simple exercises such as standing on one leg, squats and lunges. if you want to give your overall fitness a boost without adding in more high- impact running, activities such as cycling, swimming, and even walking will all help. 

R & R:

Remember, it's not the training itself that will make you fitter and stronger. It's when your body is at rest that it repairs itself. If you don't rest, your body has no chance to come back stronger. Resist the temptation to train every day and give yourself at least one day off every week. Sleep well and eat well too, and you'll set yourself up nicely for some injury and illness-free training. 

Know What You're Training For:

Spend some time familiarising yourself with what you are training for. Use what you find out to make your training as specific as you can. If it's a flat course, like Newark, get used to running a long way on the flat. 


There are lots of great running events, clubs and venues in Newark and Sherwood.


Every Saturday at 9am, a times run is held for free in local parks around the world. All you have to do is register and turn up ready to run, jog or walk the 5k course.
Your local parkruns are at:

Sconce and Devon Park
Clumber Park

For more information and to register visit the parkrun website

Running Clubs

Newark Striders Running Club

The club is for anyone who wants to run but is unsure how to start and they welcome runners of all abilities. Anyone applying for membership shall be eligible regardless of ability, race, colour or any other factor.

Mondays is an absolute "I'm not really sure I can run!" beginners class from 18:45 - 19:30 meeting outside Flowserve Social Club.

If you are already running a little then you will find plenty of runners in the club who will be able to push you that bit further and faster - just have a chat with them and they'll see what they can do. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate minors in the club.

Beginners and intermediates meet on Wednesdays at 6.45pm, meeting outside the Flowserve Social Club.

Notfast Running Club

Notfast was founded in 1986 as a veterans’ running club. In 2013 membership was opened up to anyone over the age of 20 There is no upper age limit and we still have active members in their 70’s. We cater for all abilities from the experienced runner to the complete beginner who has done little or no running.

Southwell Running Club

A  friendly club that believes in fun while you run, offering a wide range of running and social activities.

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