VISPA Questionnaire - Introduction

It has been a year since Newark and Sherwood District Council set up the VISPA programme.  Thank you for contributions. We believe it has been a successful year for VISPA, but we would also love to hear what you thought of the programme.

Please find attached a short questionnaire for you to fill out; any feedback that we receive from you would be greatly appreciated and will help us to make the second year of VISPA even better.

All volunteers who complete and return this questionnaire will be given 20 VISPA points which will need to be recorded in your volunteer logbook. When recording these points write VISPA questionnaire in the activity box and fill in the points box, leave all other sections blank. Dianne will then sign these points off for you.

2. What motivated you to sign up to VISPA? *
3.Since signing up to VISPA what benefits have you received?(Feel free to tick more than one)


4.Have you attended any courses since signing up to VISPA, if so which? *
5.How would you rate your current/most recent volunteering course?


6.How many points have you collected since signing up to VISPA?


7.How would you rate the awards system and the prizes you receive and can you suggest any improvements? *
8.Would you be interested in increasing your volunteering hours?


9.Has the VISPA programme encouraged you to join a sports club/gym? *
10.Do you receive the monthly VISPA newsletter, if so, is it useful and is there anything you would like to see in there to improve the newsletter?
Receive the newsletter: *
Is it useful: