Circular Walks from Farnsfield

All walks start from St Michael’s Church, Main Street, Farnsfield.

As all walks are circular, they can be walked in the opposite direction to that described.

Refer to  O.S. Explorer Map 270 (Sherwood Forest) – scale 1:25000, for more detail and an overview of the area in/around Farnsfield.

Walk One – Hexgreave Estate (allow 60 to 75 minutes)

With your back to the church, turn right along Main Street to the bottom of The Ridgeway (just past “The Plough” public house). Turn left then immediately right into Brickyard Lane – walk its entire length, passing Nether Court, until the Southwell Trail is reached, at a bench.

Cross over the Trail into a field taking the left hand path and heading for a single central tree (if the field is cropped, follow the left hand field edge). Continue to a tarmac track outside Lower Hexgreave Farm, pass a right junction and at a left junction go through a gap in the hedge (stile). Cross two fields (with stiles) and enter the deer park by a boundary gate.

The earliest record of the estate was in 1240, Hexgreave Estate was then gifted to the Archbishop of York in 1255 as a deer park. Today a herd of Red deer is again kept on the estate.

Continue along the fence line and exit the deer park by a second boundary gate, crossing a wooded area before emerging onto the road running through the estate. Turn left (there is a café beyond the car park, by the Hall). Continue on the road (beware of traffic) past Swan Lodge then take a diagonal path on the right, exiting the field through a gap in the far hedge. Or keep to the road, turning right at the T junction to the top of Broomfield Lane. Turn into this lane, heading towards the village and passing South Lodge via the pedestrian gate. Broomfield Lane becomes New Hill at the tennis courts, descend this to Main Street.

Walk Two - White Post  (allow 60 to 75 minutes)

With your back to the church, turn left past “The Green” entering Mansfield Road. At the “Lock-up” (formally The Old Gaol) turn right and ascend the steps to Wilson’s Field and the cricket ground. Cross the play area to reach Station Lane via a gate, with Farnsfield Surgery on your right. Turn left and continue past Spring Lane and Fletcher Court to a tarmac track on your right (beyond a house called “Trail End”). Pass a Southwell Trail Nature Reserve sign and follow the tarmac track past the renovated “Old Goods Yard” (formally the old engine shed) to the car park.

Farnsfield station was built in 1871 when the line was extended from Southwell to Mansfield. It was closed in 1929.

From the car park go through the barrier, take the path sharp left (beyond the information board), behind and parallel to the “Old Goods Yard”- not the Bilsthorpe direction. Continue on this path through the Cockett Lane bridge, then between several fields. When the track narrows , continue straight ahead on a path with the rear of White Post Farm Centre on your left. Descend the steps to the  A614 and turn left passing “Winner City” restaurant and the garage to reach the White Post roundabout.

Cross the road (with care) in front of the pub and continue up the left hand road verge (care when crossing the drainage channels) to reach a footpath sign opposite a large detached house. Turn left over a stile to enter a field. Continue through several fields heading in the direction of the steeple of Farnsfield Church (in the distance). The path becomes a track between hedges and then Vicarage Lane. At the junction of Longland Lane and Blidworth Road turn left to enter Bellsfield via gate. Walk the length of the field exiting via a second gate, here turn right into Mansfield Road, following this to meet Main Street at “The Green” island.

Walk Tree – Halifax Bomber Memorial (allow 50 minutes)

With your back to the church, turn left then bear left at “The Green” into Blidworth Road. At the bend go ahead along the alley between Churchside and Farnsfield Hall. At the end cross over Beck Lane (with care) to enter “The Park”- alpacas may be resident in the adjacent fields. Continue between fences to the far hedge then cross a field diagonally left before entering a track between hedges which emerges onto Combs Lane (by a bench). Here turn right then left at the junction to the entrance of Riddings Hill Farm – continue through the gate piers to the Memorial, the story behind it is explained on the site.

Retrace your steps to the junction at the farm entrance, then turn right along a track, continue to follow the track between hedges (ignore a right field track) until you reach a T junction, by a bench. Turn left (downhill) to cross a field (may be muddy) and enter Farnsfield Millennium Woodland. Continue ahead or take the right hand boundary path, both of which lead to “The Acres” football field, follow its left hand edge to the far barrier. Continue ahead on the track (the allotments can be seen on your right).

Where the track bends left take the footpath right passing through the Parfitt Drive estate. Continue ahead, crossing a tarmac road, to enter a path beyond the last house. Ignore two paths on the left and remain on this path, skirting “The Grange”, to eventually emerge on Main Street opposite “The Plough” Pub. Turn left to return to the church.

Walk Four – Edingley Beck and Kirklington (allow up to 2 and a half hours, depending on route chosen)

With your back to the church, turn right along Main Street to the bottom of The Ridgeway (just past “The Plough” Pub). Turn left then immediately right into Brickyard Lane – walk its entire length, passing Nether Court, until the Southwell Trail is reached, at a bench.

Turn right on the Trail then after 50 metres, turn right again to follow the right hand edge of the first field (yellow marker post) before bearing left to the hedge line. Continue over a footbridge to a second field, crossing this and Cotton Mill Dyke, before entering a track (with Edingley allotments on your right). At the road turn left passing “The Old Reindeer” Pub until the Methodist Church/”The Loft” is reached – opposite is St Giles Parish Church.

Here take a diagonal left path across the field to Edingley Beck (do not cross the footbridge). Turn left and follow the Beck through several fields and crossing a track (known locally as “Conker Lane”). Continue through more fields until the Southwell Trail is reached (via a flight of steps) at the Kirklington Trail picnic area and car park.

Here you have a choice of routes :-

Shorter route - turn left and follow the Trail all the way back to Broomfield Lane, again passing the end of Brickyard Lane and then the brick pumping station. This was opened in 1898 to supply water to Newark, originally steam-driven, it was converted to electricity in 1973.

 At Broomfield Lane turn left and continue (it becomes New Hill at the tennis courts) until Main Street is reached.

Longer route – from the car park, turn right taking the entry road beyond Kirklington Station House up to the road junction, turning left to a second T junction. Cross the road and take the path skirting the right hand side of Osmanthorpe Manor, following the Left hand field edge and over a footbridge on left. Continue and cross a second footbridge (by the lake) then take a diagonal path bearing left to the hedge line. Turn left, follow left hand field edge to enter Kirklington village, continue ahead passing the school before reaching the main road at a bus stop.

Turn left and descend to beyond the old mill then turn along a tarmac track between hedges. After approx. 300 metres at a junction of tracks, turn left into a field and walk along its right hand edge to enter a second field containing a willow plantation (may have been harvested for biomass). Turn right and then right at the end of this field, following the next left hand field edge, re-crossing “Conker Lane”  and finally across 2 open fields to meet the Southwell Trail at the Brickyard Lane bench. Here turn right and return to Main Street as described in the shorter route.

Walk Five - Bilsthorpe (allow 120 minutes)

With your back to the church, turn right along Main Street to New Hill. Turn left and continue ahead into Broomfield Lane and, after the houses have ended, pass through the pedestrian gate at South Lodge. Continue to the T junction, cross the road and enter the field opposite via a stile. Take the diagonal path across the field (if cropped use the left hand field edge) then the left hand edge of a second field to reach the ridge, descend to the A617, crossing it with extreme care. Continue uphill heading for the gap between the 2 furthest left hand wind turbines towers (in the distance). Note – there may be no clear path across this field if it has been ploughed/ cropped, but it is still a Public Right of Way.

At the end of the field, by a tall hedgerow with a row of red roof/brick bungalows behind, turn left and follow the field edge to the road (Farnsfield Road). Here turn right into Bilsthorpe village and just before the junction with Kirklington Road take a path left between houses, following the left hand field edge and then bear diagonally right across field to reach the Southwell Trail, under a bridge and up the steps on right. At the top of the steps turn right (walking South away from Bilsthorpe) and continue on the Trail crossing over Crifton Lodge Lane and under the A617.

After passing through the Cockett Lane bridge you reach a junction of paths, here turn sharp right to the information board, car park and the “Old Goods Yard” (formally the old engine shed at Farnsfield station). Follow the tarmac track to Station Lane. Turn left and continue past the cricket ground to a gate (just before Farnsfield Surgery). Enter Wilson’s Field and head for the far left hand corner, by the sports court, and descend the steps to Mansfield Road, at the ”Lock-up”. Here turn left and follow the road back to Main Street, passing “The Lion” Pub.  

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