Access to information fees

This is a summary of the fees that may be charged by Newark and Sherwood District Council for requests for information made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and how those fees are calculated.

For a more detailed explanation of our fees please refer to our Fees Policy.

1. Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)

1.1 Information in the Publication Scheme

Information in our publication scheme has, where practicable, been made available to download from our website; the council makes no charge for information downloaded from the website. Where information in the scheme is not available to download or you require a printed copy of the information in the scheme the council may make a charge . Any charges made will be based on the costs in section 1.3 below.

1.2 Estimating the cost of a request

An estimate of the costs the council reasonably expects to incur in dealing with the request will be made for each request. This will take into account the time staff spend on activities such as finding the information, at a rate of £25 per person per hour.

1.3 Where the estimated cost is less than £450

If the estimated cost is equal to or less than £450, no charge for any time spent dealing with or responding to a request will be made. The only charge will be for any 'disbursements' incurred in responding to the request. The table below gives examples of the kinds of disbursements that will be charged for and the current cost.

Type of charge


Basis of charge


Photocopying at 10 pence per A4 sheet (black and white)

Actual cost


Photocopying at 20 pence per A4 sheet (colour)

Actual cost


Photocopying at 40 pence per A3 sheet (black and white)

Actual cost


Packing and second class postage

Actual cost

1.4 Where the estimated cost exceeds £450

There is no obligation on the council to comply with a request where the estimated cost will exceed £450. If the cost is estimated to exceed £450 we can provide help to refine the request, to see if it can be brought within this limit. If the request cannot be brought within this limit we will normally decline your request.

1.5 Fees Notices

Where we propose to charge a fee for responding to a request, we will issue a fees notice first.
If the actual cost of responding to the request is more than we originally stated in the notice, we will cover the additional cost. If the actual cost is less we will refund the excess money.

2. Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR)

Under the EIRs the council is permitted to make a 'reasonable charge' for supplying environmental information. For consistency the council will use the same charging format as for FoI requests with the exception of the points outlined below.

2.1 Where the estimated cost exceeds £450

In the first instance we will, where the estimated cost exceeds £450, provide help to refine the request, to see if it can be brought within this limit. If this is not acceptable we will respond to your request, but will charge you for both the staff time and any disbursements we incur in so doing.

2.2 When charges will not be made

We will not make any charge for allowing you to:

  • access any public registers or lists of environmental information held by us
  • to examine information requested at a place which we make available for that examination

If you require a hard copy of any of the information on this page please contact us. A charge may be made in accordance with the above policy.

A full copy of our Access to Information Fees Policy is available to view on line or download as a pdf.

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