Fly tipping

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste and it is your responsibility to know what has happened to your waste.

If you have any work done on your property or if you pay someone to take waste away for you, make sure they are registered with the Environment Agency. 


If your waste is dumped illegally, you could be fined up to £50,000 and/or receive a prison sentence. At the Crown Court the fine is an unlimited fine and up to 5 years in prison.

The courts can also disqualify someone from driving and order the confiscation of any vehicle used in the commission of the offence. In some cases Anti Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) can be imposed.

Fly tipping on private land

The council responds to all fly tipping reports and aims to clear the rubbish within 24 hours, provided it is on a street or some other public place. If the rubbish is dumped on private land such as farmer's fields and other areas not in public ownership, we will not clear it without charging the occupier for doing so. We will investigate such incidents and prosecute offenders when we have the evidence. We also apply for costs in court on behalf of the landowner/occupier.

Illegal dumping

There are people who go round offering to take rubbish to the tip for a few pounds. They will see it on the front garden or down the side of the house or just cold call. It is important to realise that, unless they are registered waste carriers (and most legitimate companies do not cold call); these people have no option but to fly tip that rubbish. If you want to find legitimate registered waste carriers, please use the Environment Agency's Public Registers, to find registered waste carriers within your area.

If you allow someone you do not know to take your waste to the ‘tip’ and it ends up being fly tipped, you’ll get a letter from the council wanting to interview you about fly tipping and you may get a bill for the clear up. To avoid this, take it to the tip yourself or get a trusted friend to do so.  

You can also use the council’s own excess waste collection service for which there is a small charge, or for larger quantities we can provide you with an individual quote.

Witnessing and reporting a fly tipping incident

If you find evidence, please leave it where it is and let us know as soon as possible. If you seize evidence such as letters etc and remove it from the site you should be prepared to make a written statement saying that. Otherwise we may not be able to take any further action.

If you find some fly-tipping or have witnessed fly-tipping taking place, please use our online form to report the incident. Please submit as much information as possible to enable us to take positive action.

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