Member code of conduct

The code of conduct reflects the seven 'Nolan Principles' for holders of public office. These arrangements detail the procedures for dealing with complaints, including complaints in relation to town and parish councillors.

View the Code of Conduct for Council Members (PDF File, 724kb)

You can make a complaint about a town, parish or district councillor by using our Members complaint form (PDF File, 231kb). Please make sure you have read the complaint form guidance (PDF File, 114kb) before submitting the form to us.

The remit of the Policy and Finance Committee includes the code of conduct and is currently responsible for:

  1. Ensuring councillors are trained to carry out their duties effectively
  2. Advising on the councillors' code of conduct
  3. Dealing with the local filtering of complaints and dispensation requests (where these are not dealt with by the Monitoring  Officer under delegated powers)
  4. Conducting of local hearings and determination of sanctions should a breach of the code of conduct be found

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Independent Person

  • Sarah Britton
  • Paul Cox 

Independent Persons assist us in assessing complaints of alleged misconduct by elected councillors within the district, town and parish councils in Newark and Sherwood.

The views of the Independent Persons will also be sought and taken into account before a decision is made on a complaint which has been investigated. They may also be consulted on other standards matters, including by the elected councillor who is subject of an allegation.

Independent Persons may also be required to form an independent panel to offer advice, views or recommendations on any proposal for the dismissal of a district council officer.