Validation is the process of checking that all relevant documentation (or information as below) and fee (where applicable) that has been specified by us has been provided.  This will enable us to determine your application.    

If relevant information or the correct fee is missing, we will not be able to start determining your application and there will be a delay in deciding your application until the appropriate fee and required information is received.

Upon receipt of your application, we will cross check the information submitted against the planning application requirements, as set out within our Planning Application Validation Checklist (PDF File, 1,428kb). If all of the required information is included, your application will be classed as ''valid'' and it will then progress towards a decision.

If you don't supply the information we need, or the information is poor quality and does not comply with the requirements, your application will be made invalid as we can only consider and determine applications that are valid.

In the event that your application is invalid, we will write to you to tell you what you need to do to make it valid. You must then submit the required information in a timely manner to ensure that your application can progress to a decision.

If, within 21 calendar days, you do not provide us with the information we require (or inform us otherwise), we will send a reminder and give you a further 7 calendar days in which to submit that information. 

After that, if we still have not heard from you will not be able to deal with your application and it will be treated as Withdrawn. 

An administrative fee will also be charged of £25 or 5% of the fee (whichever is the higher).  In the case where a fee has been paid, any remaining monies will be refunded. 

The Planning Application Validation Checklist comes in 5 parts:

Part 1 - National Requirements – page 1

Part 2 - Local Requirements - page 6

Part 3 - Statements and Reports - page 8

Part 4 - Application Types - page 42

Part 5 - Development Types – page 58

It is suggested that in the majority of instances reviewing either Application Types (Part 4) or Development Types (Part 5) will be the most helpful in guiding applicants to the information needed to be submitted in order to make an application valid.  Anyone seeking pre-application will be advised as part of our response the information that is required. 

If you require any further assistance with the submission of your planning application, please contact our Duty Planner Service or Customer Services team. 

Further information regarding the process (including payment of fees) is available on our submitting an application website.

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