Submit a local authority search

Your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will submit the search application with the appropriate fee to us. Only one copy of each form and plan is required for each search submitted.

How to submit a search online

You can submit and pay for a land search using our online form.

You may also use the National Land Information Service (NLIS). This service aims to speed up the conveyancing process by the use of electronic online transactions. Our current service enables us to receive and return searches via NLIS.

Fees for local land searches

Search requests will be returned if the fee submitted is incorrect. You can pay online using our website.

If you’re requesting searches on a regular basis, we’re happy to set up an account to invoice you on a monthly basis. Please email for help with this.

Fees for local land searches can be found in the Land Charge Fee Schedule (PDF File, 1,222kb)