Residents survey 2018

We want to understand how you feel about living and working in Newark and Sherwood in more detail. This is so we can ensure our services are the best they can be and are providing just what you need.

Between October and December 2018, we carried out a major consultation exercise via the Resident Survey 2018. Download our consultation and engagement strategy: consultation and engagement strategy (PDF File, 377kb).

We received 11,224 responses, in addition to feedback from parish councils, local businesses and other partners.

This is an 11.3% response rate meaning approximately one in every 10 residents over the age of 16 completed a survey.

Key findings of the Resident Survey 2018

The survey showed that the majority of residents of the district are happy with where they live. 79% of survey respondents said they’re satisfied or very satisfied with their local area.

The areas highlighted as needing attention were:

  • condition of roads and pavements such as potholes, dropped kerbs, poor road and pavement repairs, and lack of repairs
  • tackling anti-social behaviour and reducing crime to improve feelings of safety
  • reducing traffic and congestion and improving parking
  • keeping our streets and public areas clean and tidy and tackling cleanliness issues such as dog fouling, fly tipping and littering
  • improving the cultural and arts offer for residents
  • improving provision of health services such as doctors and dentists
  • improving care and support for vulnerable groups, especially the elderly
  • revitalisation of the district’s town centres and developing sensitively in the area, ensuring development and investment is balanced across the district
  • investment in leisure and sports activities

How we use the Resident Survey information

We’ve used the results of the consultation (PDF File, 1,598kb) to shape our corporate objectives. These objectives ensure that we can focus on delivering value for money, by directing resources to the areas and services that need it.

Our Community Plan 2020 to 2023 is also underpinned by this feedback from our residents, partners and businesses.

Key issue: glass recycling

We had a number of questions about glass recycling in Newark and Sherwood. We’re not currently considering the introduction of a kerbside glass recycling service and we already deliver a glass recycling service based on community bring sites (bottle banks).