Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability

The Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) identifies and assesses potential sites for new housing and employment development. As a result it is an important element of the evidence base informing our plan review process.

The study itself does not, however, decide policy or which sites should or should not be developed, as these decisions will be made through the local development framework process. The assessments have been undertaken in line with the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology (PDF File, 1,029kb) and national planning policy.

We are not proposing to make any new housing, employment or retail allocations through the current Plan Review, but it is still possible to submit land for assessment and inclusion as part of the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment. This can be done by completing and returning the following form SHELAA site submission form [296kb] and providing a site location plan showing the full extent of the site being submitted.

The SHELAA contributes to an understanding of the potential availability of land in the district, and may be drawn on as part of future Development Plan work. We are particularly keen to hear if you have a brownfield site (i.e. one that has been developed already).

Alternatively you can also make a submission through the email and postal addresses below, or by making contact with the Planning Policy and Infrastructure team on (01636) 650000.

Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2021

View the Strategic Housing & Employment Land Availability Assessment-Addendum Report 2022 (PDF File, 10,387kb)

View the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2021-Amended 2022 (PDF File, 667kb)

Site assessments by Parish

Averham (PDF File, 2,596kb)

Balderton - Updated to reflect 2022 Addendum (PDF File, 4,306kb)

Bilsthorpe (PDF File, 6,071kb)

Bleasby (PDF File, 1,348kb)

Blidworth (PDF File, 5,899kb)

Bulcote (PDF File, 1,390kb)

Carlton on Trent (PDF File, 6,586kb)

Clipstone (PDF File, 5,391kb)

Coddington (PDF File, 1,972kb)

Collingham (PDF File, 6,130kb)

Cromwell (PDF File, 1,781kb)

Edingley (PDF File, 928kb)

Edwinstowe (PDF File, 11,041kb)

Egmanton (PDF File, 1,079kb)

Elston (PDF File, 967kb)

Farndon (PDF File, 1,256kb)

Farnsfield (PDF File, 2,858kb)

Fernwood (PDF File, 1,235kb)

Fiskerton (PDF File, 1,122kb)

Halam (PDF File, 1,252kb)

Harby (PDF File, 1,196kb)

Kelham (PDF File, 2,429kb)

Lowdham (PDF File, 5,653kb)

Newark (PDF File, 18,037kb)

Normanton (PDF File, 1,060kb)

North Muskham (PDF File, 1,792kb)

Norwell (PDF File, 5,191kb)

Ollerton and Boughton (PDF File, 7,252kb)

Oxton (PDF File, 2,590kb)

Rainworth - Update to Reflect 2022 Addendum (PDF File, 6,689kb)

Rolleston (PDF File, 927kb)

South Muskham and Little Carlton (PDF File, 1,172kb)

South Scarle (PDF File, 993kb)

Southwell (PDF File, 7,449kb)

Sutton on Trent - Updated to reflect 2022 Addendum (PDF File, 2,982kb)

Thurgarton (PDF File, 1,490kb)

Upton (PDF File, 1,737kb)

Walesby (PDF File, 9,876kb)

Site assessments by Parish

Alverton (PDF File, 35kb)

Averham (PDF File, 480kb)

Balderton (PDF File, 3,270kb)

Bathley (PDF File, 511kb)

Besthorpe (PDF File, 715kb)

Bilsthorpe & Rufford (PDF File, 3,938kb)

Bleasby (PDF File, 2,534kb)

Blidworth (PDF File, 2,979kb)

Bulcote (PDF File, 295kb)

Carlton on Trent (PDF File, 38kb)

Caunton (PDF File, 762kb)

Caythorpe (PDF File, 483kb)

Clipstone (PDF File, 3,329kb)

Coddington (PDF File, 1,682kb)

Collingham (PDF File, 6,130kb)

Cotham (PDF File, 37kb)

Cromwell (PDF File, 534kb)

Eakring (PDF File, 1,013kb)

East Stoke with Thorpe (PDF File, 406kb)

Edwinstowe (PDF File, 2,955kb)

Egmanton (PDF File, 520kb)

Elston (PDF File, 932kb)

Epperstone (PDF File, 474kb)

Farndon (PDF File, 3,158kb)

Farnsfield (PDF File, 1,016kb)

Fernwood (PDF File, 435kb)

Fiskerton cum Morton (PDF File, 1,726kb)

Girton with Meering (PDF File, 202kb)

Gonalston (PDF File, 529kb)

Grassthorpe (PDF File, 37kb)

Gunthorpe (PDF File, 1,152kb)

Halam (PDF File, 1,739kb)

Harby (PDF File, 1,019kb)

Hawton (Land South of Newark) (PDF File, 463kb)

Hockerton (PDF File, 613kb)

Holme (PDF File, 37kb)

Hoveringham (PDF File, 578kb)

Kelham (PDF File, 37kb)

Kersall (PDF File, 432kb)

Kilvington (PDF File, 37kb)

Kirklington (PDF File, 528kb)

Kirton (PDF File, 304kb)

Kneesall (PDF File, 500kb)

Langford (PDF File, 389kb)

Laxton & Moorhouse (PDF File, 293kb)

Lowdham (PDF File, 2,001kb)

Maplebeck (PDF File, 37kb)

Newark (PDF File, 12,497kb)

North Clifton (PDF File, 37kb)

North Muskham (PDF File, 1,694kb)

Norwell (PDF File, 2,169kb)

Ollerton & Boughton (PDF File, 3,913kb)

Ompton (PDF File, 37kb)

Ossington (PDF File, 37kb)

Oxton (PDF File, 704kb)

Perlethorpe-cum-Budby (PDF File, 148kb)

Rainworth (PDF File, 2,079kb)

Rolleston (PDF File, 818kb)

Southwell (PDF File, 4,104kb)

South Clifton (PDF File, 413kb)

South Muskham & Little Carlton (PDF File, 1,429kb)

South Scarle (PDF File, 375kb)

Spalford (PDF File, 373kb)

Staunton (PDF File, 37kb)

Staythorpe (PDF File, 672kb)

Sutton on Trent (PDF File, 1,958kb)

Syerston (PDF File, 569kb)

Thorney (PDF File, 1,119kb)

Thurgarton (PDF File, 1,584kb)

Upton (PDF File, 909kb)

Walesby (PDF File, 2,098kb)

Wellow (PDF File, 642kb)

Weston (PDF File, 612kb)

Wigsley (PDF File, 396kb)

Winkburn (PDF File, 375kb)

Winthorpe (PDF File, 2,247kb)

Additional information

Please note that the additional sites in the Strategic Housing & Employment Availability Assessment - Addendum (2017) (PDF File, 434kb) are in Bilsthorpe, Collingham and South Scarle. See Figure 1 for a plan showing the sub-areas.