Lost Animals

Lost dogs

We are responsible for collecting stray dogs. If you’ve lost your dog, you’ll find photographs of all the dogs we’ve collected recently on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can also report your dog missing using our online form, or by calling us on 01636 650000.

If you’ve found a stray dog, under the law, you must report it to us. If you find the dog between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday or between 9am and 4pm on Friday, call us on on 01636 650000 to arrange for a dog warden to collect it from you.

Outside of these hours, if possible, hold on to the dog until you can contact a dog warden on the next working day. If this is not possible you can take the dog to the Carlton Forest Rescue Kennels (S81 0TP). Please telephone the kennels on 01909 731 792 or 07811 117 067 before arriving, so that staff can be available to accept the dog. You’ll also need to take proof of your address with you.

Stray dogs

The law classes a dog found in a public place without supervision as a stray. Dog wardens pick up strays and owners are liable to pay a charge for the dog's return.

By law, dogs must wear a collar and tag, giving the name and address of the owner, when out in a public place. It is also compulsory for all dogs over the age of eight weeks in England to be fitted with a microchip. This will help you get your dog back should it be lost or stolen.

We work with local partners including the police and the RSPCA to investigate cases where dogs are not microchipped and we issue 21 days notices to owners who have not chipped their dogs. Currently the holding kennels in Worksop will microchip all found dogs before they are returned to owners.

Find out more about dog microchipping on the gov.uk website.

Read our dog control policy (PDF File, 333kb)


Fees for claiming your dog back

The fees include a government fee, district council charge and kennelling costs.

Initial seizing and handling charge of £75 + £8 per day food, water and kennel costs.

  • 1 day £83
  • 2 days £91
  • 3 days £99
  • 4 days £107
  • 5 days £115
  • 6 days £123
  • 7 days £131

You can pay the fee at the kennels when you collect your dog, or by phone on 01636 650 000 between 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday). If you are collecting outside these hours, please telephone the kennels before visiting on 01909 731 792 or 07811 117 067.

Your dog will not be released from the kennel until payment is made.

How do I collect my lost dog?

All dogs found by our dog warden or handed in by the public are scanned for a microchip and the registered owner contacted wherever possible. If the warden cannot trace the owner from the microchip details, or if the owner is not contactable by phone, the dog will be taken to our holding kennels at: Carlton Forest Boarding Kennels, Glebe House, Blyth Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0TP. You can call them on 01909 731 792 or 07811 117 067.

At the kennels, you’ll need to produce personal identification showing your address. If your dog’s microchip details are not up to date, you’ll also need to show proof of ownership.

Types of proof of ownership:

  • kennel club registration certificates
  • veterinary papers
  • pet insurance papers

Accepted types of ID and proof of address:

  • driving licence or passport
  • council tax or utility bill
  • bank statement

Dogs are kept in the kennels for seven days after which they will look for a new home for the dog.

What if the dog warden has not got my dog?

You can also try contacting:

Widen your search by:

  • contacting the local vets
  • sharing your dog's photo on social media with a contact number
  • calling your local radio stations and local newspapers - they will often help with appeals
  • putting up posters near to where you lost your dog - good locations include shops, schools and libraries
  • contacting Petlog, the UK's database for microchipped pets on 01296 336 579
  • registering your dog’s details at animalsearchuk.co.uk

Lost cats

If your cat has gone missing, don’t panic, follow these steps:

  • thoroughly search your home and garden - put out bedding and food
  • widen your search - ask neighbours to check sheds, gardens and garages
  • make a poster / flyer including your cats photo, name, age and include a contact number - good locations for posters include shops, schools, the post office or libraries
  • share a photo of your cat on social media, with a contact number

 If your cat is still lost try:

  • calling Petlog on 01296 336 579, if your cat is microchipped
  • contacting all local vets
  • contacting our animal welfare team on 01636 650 000
  • registering your cat’s details at animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • calling local animal shelters and Cats Protection
  • contacting local radio stations and newspapers - they will often help with lost and found appeals

What to do if you find a stray cat

Follow these steps if you find what you think is a lost stray cat:

  • approach the animal carefully - it might be frightened, sick or injured and so may be aggressive
  • if you’re worried about their health contact Cats Protection, the RSPCA or take them to a local vet
  • contact your local vet and ask for a microchip scan- call Petlog on 01296 336 579
  • ask neighbours to see if they recognise the cat and check for missing posters in local shops, newspapers and vets
  • give shelter and food – make a temporary shelter in a shed or greenhouse with a box, blanket and some food and clean water
  • get help by contacting Cats Protection or the RSPCA and report to animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • try advertising in local schools, newspapers and on radio stations

If you microchip your cat, it makes the cat easy to identify quickly if they get lost. Find out more about microchipping your cat in this guide from Cats Protection.