Planning constraints

When the Council is assessing any proposal for planning permission, there are certain constraints we have to take into account.

The constraints may be around factors affecting the site, or about who needs to be notified about the application.

Planning constraints

Conservation areas

If your application site lies within a conservation area you’ll have to include details of the impact your proposal will have as part of a Design and Access Statement. Find out more about Design and Access Statements on the Planning Portal website.

Listed buildings 

Any proposals to alter or extend these buildings are likely to need listed building consent as well as planning permission. You’ll also have to set out what impact the proposal will have on the listed building within your Design and Access Statement.

Tree Preservation Orders

You cannot do any works to trees under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) without applying for consent. If a proposal affects trees that are protected we will assess the impact of the proposal. Trees within a conservation area are also protected.

Historic parks and gardens

There are four registered historic parks and gardens within the district:

  • Thurgarton Hundred Workhouse
  • Rufford Abbey Country Park
  • Thoresby Park
  • Newark Castle Gardens

Find out more about how historic parks and gardens are designated on the Historic England website. 

If your planning proposal falls within or near one you’ll need to assess what impact your proposal will have on the park/garden and may have to include details of this within your design and access statement.

Green belt

Applications within green belts are carefully assessed, making sure that the open character of the green belt is not affected. If your proposal falls within the green belt you’ll need to assess what impact your proposal will have and may have to include details of this within your Design and Access Statement.

The green belt boundary is shown on our policies map.

Flood risk

If you’re developing a property that lies within an area at risk from flooding you may be required to provide a Flood Risk Assessment with your application. Download our parish flood maps or find further information on the Environment Agency website.

Contaminated land 

Sometimes land, particularly within built up areas, may have been contaminated by previous uses such as a petrol station or in association with coal mining. Our environmental health officers are able to help you if you think your land may be contaminated. You’ll also need to submit a contaminated land survey with your application. 

Article 4 directions

Permitted development rights allow certain types of development to be undertaken without the need for planning permission.  An Article 4 direction can be placed on buildings or land removing some or all of the building’s or land's permitted development rights.  This can restrict things like removing existing windows or putting up fencing.