Dog Fouling

It is an offence not to clear up after your dog and anyone caught can be fined up to £1,000.

This law applies to almost all areas in the open air to which the public have access. Our dog wardens, police community support officers and others are authorised to give offenders an on-the-spot fine in the form of a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

Cleaning up after your dog

You can buy poop-scoops to pick up your dog's mess, or a carrier bag will do just as well. Special bins are provided in many parks and road verges for disposing of mess. Otherwise, use a litter bin or your wheelie bin at home; first making sure that the waste is securely wrapped.

We frequently receive complaints about householders who let their dogs foul their own garden, but never clean up the mess. The best way to dispose of dog mess in this situation is by using a dog-loo sunk into the earth of your garden which allows the waste to decompose safely without causing problems. Alternatively, bury waste in an area of soil set aside for the purpose. We can order owners to clean up their garden if it is causing a nuisance to others.

Report dog fouling online.

Dog bins

Parish councils are responsible for locating dog bins. Please contact the clerk to your if you think a dog bin is needed in your area.

We are responsible for emptying the special dog bins. You can report any problems to us using our online dog bin issue form or by contacting us.