New kerbside glass recycling coming to Newark and Sherwood

Posted on: Monday, June 12, 2023

Last year Newark and Sherwood hit its highest ever recycling rate!  That means that more materials than ever were sent to be recycled as opposed to being put into general waste for incineration.

But, committed to doing all it can for the environment, Newark and Sherwood District Council is striving to better their recycling rate and, later this year, will be introducing kerbside glass recycling across their patch.

Councillor Paul Peacock, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “Lots of people across the district have told us they want a kerbside glass recycling service and I am pleased that we will be starting this service later this year.  

“The majority of people in the district will get a letter from us over the next couple of weeks, unique to your address. We need to know who will use our new service so that we can start to plan our collection rounds.  I know many people in northwest of the district use the Recycling Ollerton and Boughton scheme already and those letters will give you more information about their service as well.  Watch out for the letters landing and thank you to everyone for doing all you can to help us recycle better in Newark and Sherwood.”

The District Council’s new free wheeled bin kerbside glass recycling service means that across the district, residents will be able to recycle their glass bottles and jars from their kerbsides using a smaller 140 litre wheelie bin. Once collected they will be sent off to be recycled, avoiding them going for incineration, and increasing the district’s recycling rate.

The District Council is currently writing to every resident in Newark and Sherwood and while most residents in the district do not need to do anything to receive the kerbside glass collection service, some will do. If, for any reason you would not like to receive a new bin, and would like to opt out of the service, this should be done by 16 July 2023. 

Some residents in the district reside within the area covered by Recycling Ollerton and Boughton (ROB), a charity which provides work-based training placements to adults with learning difficulties. This letter will explain that you need to opt into the District Council’s kerbside glass recycling service, again by 16 July 2023.

Further information, and opt in and out forms, are available on our website: Kerbside glass recycling service. Alternatively, you can Contact us.

The service will be free, with the new bins and collections every eight weeks being provided by the District Council. Delivery of the new bins is planned to begin later this year. This new service is another part of the District Council’s pledge to create a cleaner and greener Newark and Sherwood. Over the past few years, the District Council has:

  • Planted or given away over 22,000 new trees
    Organised nine days of action targeting cleaner, safer and greener issues in different villages and towns
    Introduced electric vehicles to their fleet
    Began installing solar PV panels on corporate and leisure buildings
    Joined in with national campaigns such as The Great British Spring Clean, Recycling Week and No Mow May
    Committed £55,000 towards ensuring housing developers work with licensed and experienced ecologists when building new homes
    Grown the garden waste recycling service with over 19,000 households now having garden waste collected from their doorstep
    Collected 1,599 fly-tips and issued over 2,000 fixed penalty notices for environmental crimes in the last year alone

Find out more on all the cleaner and greener projects, such as how to join a community litter picking programme and how to report environmental issues, on the District Council website: Cleaner, Safer, Greener or by visiting @NSDCouncil on social media.