Tenancy agreement consultation

Changes to the current tenancy agreement

The consultation period has now ended. The updated Tenancy Agreement will be shared out soon following feedback from tenants. 

Newark and Sherwood District Council intends to make changes to the current tenancy agreement. The current tenancy agreement has been in use since 2010 and needs updating to reflect changes in the law, regulation, our policies, and general accepted good practice.

By law we are required to consult you on the proposed new tenancy agreement since once the consultation has been completed this will become your new tenancy agreement, subject to any further changes we make as a result of consulting with you.

This preliminary notice of variation and summary of changes document are served in accordance with section 103 of the Housing Act 1985 because the council intends to serve a notice of variation to change the terms of your tenancy agreement. This subsequent notice of variation will be served after the consultation period.

The full draft tenancy agreement can be found here: Tenancy Agreement DRAFT – December 2022 (PDF File, 331kb).

A summary of the changes can be found here: Summary of Changes to TA Review 2022 2023 [53kb]

Proposed timetable for change

Following consultation we will consider all the comments we receive and may make changes to the draft tenancy agreement that you have been sent as a result of those comments. We expect that you will be bound by the new tenancy agreement and its terms from Monday, 1 May 2023 but will confirm this in our notice of variation.