Plan Review Evidence Page

Supporting Evidence Base Documents

The following documents make up the evidence base which support the production of the Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD.


H1 District Wide Housing Needs Assessment Final Report 2020 (PDF File, 4,740kb)

H2 District Wide Housing Needs Assessment sub-area summaries 2020 (PDF File, 4,992kb)

H3 Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability

H4 Nottm Outer Strategic Housing Market Assessment Oct 2015 (PDF File, 6,172kb)

H5 Nottm Outer SHMA EXEC SUMMARY Nov 2015 (PDF File, 423kb)

H6 Nottm Outer Strategic Housing Market Assessment Addendum 2016 (PDF File, 249kb)

H7 Nottm Outer SHMA Update Report May 2017 (PDF File, 938kb)

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller

GRT 1 NSDC Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Feb 2020 (PDF File, 2,029kb)

GRT2 - Supporting Paper (PDF File, 3,882kb)

GRT3 GTLAA Main Report and Appendices (PDF File, 16,878kb)

GRT4 Five Year Land Supply Statement (PDF File, 171kb)

GRT5 TL Flood Alleviation Report (to follow)

GRT 6 Tolney Lane Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal June 19 (PDF File, 425kb)

GRT7 TL Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal Appendices - Part 1 (PDF File, 3,447kb)

GRT7 TL Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal Appendices - Part 2 (PDF File, 4,045kb)

GRT7 TL Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal Appendices - Part 3 (PDF File, 10,652kb)

GRT7 TL Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal Appendices - Part 4 (PDF File, 14,923kb)

GRT7 TL Flood Alleviation Options Appraisal Appendices - Part 5 (PDF File, 9,024kb)


EMP 1 Employment Land Forecasting Study Aug 2015 (PDF File, 7,022kb)

EMP 2 Employment Land Needs Study May 21 (PDF File, 22,784kb)


R1 Retail & Town Centre Study 2016 (PDF File, 3,140kb)

R2 Retail & Town Centre Study Appendices 2016 (PDF File, 8,026kb)

Open Breaks

OB 1 Open Break Assessment 2019 (PDF File, 2,481kb)

OB 2 OBA (2019) Figure 1 (PDF File, 2,262kb)

OB 3 OBA (2019) Figure 2 (PDF File, 6,093kb)

OB 4 OBA (2019) Figure 3 (PDF File, 3,683kb)

OB 6 OBA (2019) Figure 5 (PDF File, 3,795kb)

OB 7 OBA (2019) Figure 6 (PDF File, 3,752kb)

OB 8 OBA (2019) Figure 7 (PDF File, 3,759kb)

OB 9 OBA (2019) Figure 8 (PDF File, 3,732kb)

OB 10 OBA (2019) Figure 9 (PDF File, 3,628kb)

OB 11 OBA (2019) Figure 10 (PDF File, 7,891kb)

OB 12 OBA (2019) Figure 11 (PDF File, 3,030kb)

OB 13 OBA (2019) Figure 12 (PDF File, 3,448kb)

OB 14 OBA (2019) Figure 13 (PDF File, 3,500kb)

OB 15 OBA (2019) Figure 14 (PDF File, 3,464kb)

OB 16 OBA (2019) Figure 15 (PDF File, 3,466kb)

OB 17 OBA (2019) Figure 16 (PDF File, 3,462kb)

OB 18 OBA (2019) Figure 17 (PDF File, 3,455kb)

OB 19 OBA (2019) Figure 20 (PDF File, 8,214kb)

OB 20 OBA (2019) Figure 21 (PDF File, 2,426kb)

OB 21 OBA (2019) Figure 22 (PDF File, 3,216kb)

OB 22 OBA (2019) Figure 23 (PDF File, 3,311kb)

OB 23 OBA (2019) Figure 24 (PDF File, 3,264kb)

OB 24 OBA (2019) Figure 25 (PDF File, 3,270kb)

OB 25 OBA (2019) Figure 26 (PDF File, 3,246kb)

OB 26 OBA (2019) Figure 27 (PDF File, 3,268kb)

OB 27 Winthorpe Open Break Review 2022 (PDF File, 16,844kb)


ENV 1 Open Space Assessment and Strategy 2022 (PDF File, 3,695kb)

ENV 2 Green Infrastructure Strategy 2010 (PDF File, 9,769kb)

ENV 3 Natural England's Advice Notes on the Sherwood 2014 (PDF File, 968kb)

ENV 4 Final Birklands & Bilhaugh SAC RIA (PDF File, 10,479kb)

ENV 5 Final Clumber Park SSSI RIA (PDF File, 13,453kb)

ENV 6 Landscape Character Assessment SPD 2013 (PDF File, 24,776kb)

ENV 7 Water Cycle Study Review May 2017 (PDF File, 4,862kb)

ENV 8 SFRA Level 1 Report (PDF File, 1,367kb)

ENV 9 SFRA Level 2 Pt1 June 2010 (PDF File, 421kb)

ENV 10 SFRA Level 2 Pt2 Sept 2012 (PDF File, 563kb)

ENV 11 SFRA Review 2017 (PDF File, 21,900kb)

ENV 12 SFRA Update Level 2 report May 2017 (PDF File, 10,536kb)

ENV 15 Sequential Test Statement (PDF File, 6,217kb)

ENV 17 Archaeology - Farndon and River Devon Ice Age Landscape justification (PDF File, 2,098kb)

Transport and Infrastructure

TI 1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan Final Feb 2017 (PDF File, 13,729kb)

TI 2 Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update Main Report (PDF File, 688kb)

TI 3 Transport Study Final 2010 (PDF File, 984kb)

TI 4 - Transport Final (PDF File, 9,117kb)

TI 5 Infrastruture Delivery Plan Update 2022 Appendices (PDF File, 803kb)

Viability Assessment

WP 1 Whole Plan and Cil Viability Assessment May 21 (PDF File, 1,104kb)

WP 2 Whole Plan Viability Appendix I Heb Report 2021 (PDF File, 693kb)

WP 3 Whole Plan Viability Appendix II Gleeds Cost Report Feb 21 (PDF File, 208kb)

Issues Paper Consultation Report

IP1 Issues Paper - Statement of Consultation (PDF File, 2,054kb)

Duty To Cooperate Statement

DTC1 Duty to Cooperate Statement (PDF File, 1,402kb)