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The Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD was submitted to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities on 18th January 2024 for independent examination. The formal notice of submission is provided below. 

CD06 - Notice of Submission (PDF File, 152kb)

All documents relating to the examination are provided in the Examination Library.

  • Latest News

    The latest news will be posted here in due course. 

  • What is the Local Plan Examination?

    The Planning Inspectorate has provided a short guide for those who might be participating in a Local Plan Examination for the first time, they have also published a more detailed procedure guide for local plan examinations which provides detailed practical advice. There is further information about the Examination Process provided by the Government. 

  • Appointed Inspector

    Details of the Appointed Inspector will be posted here upon announcement. 

  • Programme Officer

    Kerry Trueman of Programme Officer Solutions Ltd has been appointed as Programme Officer. The role of the Programme Officer is to independently coordinate the administration of the Examination and to liaise between the Planning Inspector, the Local Authority and other interested parties for the duration of the Examination. 

    The Programme Officer can be contacted as follows:


    Postal Address: 

    Pendragon House

    1 Bertram Drive



    CH47 0LG

    Telephone: 07582310364 

  • Examination Library

    The Examination Library includes all the documents submitted to the Secretary of State and also includes all the Examination Stage Documents. This includes subsequent statements and other relevant correspondence issued after submission of the draft Amended Allocations and Development Management DPD. This will be updated to include relevant material issued by the Planning Inspector, the Council and other parties during the examination process.

  • Hearing Information

    Hearing information will be loaded here when available