Kerbside glass recycling service

We are delighted to provide you with our free wheelie bin kerbside glass recycling service to those living across Newark and Sherwood, as it means that across the district, we will be able to recycle glass bottles and jars from the kerbside!

Key information about our service

This is a free service, and you will receive a smaller 140 litre wheelie bin to recycle your glass into. These will then be collected by our glass recycling trucks with collections taking place every eight weeks.

When will I get my bin?

Bins are being delivered throughout March and April 2024.

Last year all households were able to opt in or out of receiving our new kerbside glass recycling bin. If you live in the majority of Newark and Sherwood, you were automatically opted into the scheme with the option of opting out if you wished to. Those residents who live in the area served by Recycling Ollerton and Boughton (ROB), had to opt into our scheme. The areas served by ROB are Ollerton, Boughton, Walesby, Kirton, Edwinstowe, Eakring, Laxton, Egmanton, Bilsthorpe, Wellow and Rufford and you can either choose to use the ROB scheme or opt into our scheme.

For those households who either automatically or voluntarily opted into the scheme, your bin will be delivered from Monday 4 March 2024. It will take us around 8 weeks to distribute all our new bins and we aim to have all deliveries complete during the week commencing Monday 22 April 2024.

When will kerbside glass recycling bin collections start?

They will start from Monday 8 April 2024 and collections will be every 8 weeks. You can check your bin collection day via our online bin collection day calendar.

What can go into my glass bin?

You can put glass bottles or jars of any colour in your new bin as long as they are clean and empty.  This includes:

  • Food jars
  • Drink bottles
  • Toiletry jars, which have contained things such as face creams or aftershave
  • Perfume bottles
  • Reed diffuser bottles

Important information:
1. Items must be empty and clean.
2. Please remove lids and silicone seals where possible.
3. Labels can stay on.

We cannot accept any other kind of glass including:

  • Oven-proof glass such as Pyrex
  • Mirrors
  • Drinking glasses
  • Vases
  • Nail varnish bottles
  • Panes of window or greenhouse glass
  • Microwave plates
  • Spectacles
  • Light bulbs and tubes

These items cannot be recycled as they are designed to withstand higher temperatures, meaning they can’t be recycled with your normal household glass. If you have some of these items in good condition, they could be reused and you could donate them to a local charity. If these items are in poor condition, they should go in your general waste bin or taken to a local recycling centre.

Please do not contaminate your glass recycling bin with general household waste, or put glass in your silver recycling bin. If this happens, we could not collect your bins. You would have to remove the items and then wait for your next collection.

What can I put in my kerbside glass recycling bin? (PDF File, 2,888kb)

When can I start to use my bin?

As soon as you receive it!

How can I find my bin collection day?

You can view your bin collection day on our bin collection day calendar.  You can sign up for free bin reminder texts or emails too! Your kerbside glass recycling bins are collected every 8 weeks.

I have more questions about this service

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and if you don’t find the answers you are looking for, please get in touch with us!