My Tenancy Officer

When you need some help with your home, you can always contact customer services on 01636 650 000. But sometimes you may just need a friendly face that can guide you through your tenancy issues. That's where our team of Tenancy Officers can step up to help.

Each officer looks after a particular area. They get to know the issues that affect local residents and can guide tenants through the Council procedures and processes which can often feel overwhelming and complicated if you've never had to deal with us before.

We've listed our officers in the table below, with the area they cover and a phone number to contact them. You can also call customer services and leave a message.

Tenancy OfficerArea Telephone number
Kerin  Hawtonville A  01636 655 739
Emma Hawtonville B 01636 655 360
Grace Hawtonville C 01636 655 259 
Kathryn Hawtonville D 01636 655 775
Stanley Area West  01636 656 021
David   Farnsfield, Norwell, Eakring, Caunton, Bilsthorpe 0796 956 3647
Mary Edingley, Southwell. Kirklington, Bleasby, Oxton, Thurgaton, Hallam, Winkburn, Rolleston, Upton, Fiskerton, Epperstone 01636 650 000 
Julie Fosse Estate  01636 655 519
Vicki Broadleaves, Vale View, Armstrong Gardens, Gladstone House 07969 563 693
Vanessa (Thursday and Friday) Broadleaves, Vale View, Armstrong Gardens, Gladstone House 01636 655 944
Georgina  Howes Court, Winthorpe, Harby, East Stoke, Elston, Kilvington, North and South Muskham, Kelham, Barnbygate, Barnby in the Willows, Coddington 01636 655 541
Gillian  Newark Town Centre  01636 655 511
Lisa  Balderton 01636 655 704
Lauren Farndon, Lowdham and Gunthorpe 01636 655 909
Mia Clipstone & Edwinstowe  01636 655 837
Sarah Sutton on Trent, Carlton on Trent, Wellow, Kneesall and villages 01636 558 520
Amanda Collingham, Holme, Besthorpe, Tithe Barn Court, Lovers Lane 01636 655 461
Marie  Rainworth, Blidworth  01636 655 961
Jade  Ollerton  01636 658 384

Area breakdown

To check which area covers your address take a look at the table below.

AreaStreets covered
Hawtonville A

Devon Road, Clayton Close, Cranmer Road, Eton Ave, Gopher Road, Gorse Road, Jersery Street, Landgale Close, Montgomery Road, Pierson Street, Prebbles Close, Quibell Road, St Marys Gardens, Waterloo Close, Winston Court

Hawtonville B

Grange Road, Ash Road, Bailey Road, Barker Way, Bellmond Close, Cherry Holt, Lilac Close, Lindsay Ave, Sycamore Close, Willis Road

Hawtonville C

Addison Ave, Beech Ave, Belvior Crescent, Boundary Road, Bowbridge Road, Bromley Ave, Byron Close, Carlton Close, Carlton Road, Carswell Close, Cavendish Ave, Chantry Close, Chatsworth Road, Cleveland Square, Clumber Ave, Elm Ave, Rutland Ave, Staunton Road, Thoresby Ave, Trinty Road

Hawtonville D

Churchill Drive, Clarke Avenue, Elizabeth Road, Fairfax Ave, Forster Avenue, Friars Crescent, Green Way, Maple Grove, Meldrum Crescent, Meldrum View, Mercia Road, Orston Avenue, Phillip Road, Stoke Avenue, Sutton Avenue, Thorpe Close

Area West 

Bilsthorpe, Bleasby, Blidworth, Boughton - Hallam & Retford Estates, Carlton-on-Trent, Caunton, Clipstone, Edingley, Edwinstowe, Eakring, Farnsfield, Fiskerton, Hallam, Kirton, Kneesall, Laxton, Norwell, Ollerton, Oxton, Rainworth, Rolleston, Southwell, Sutton-on-Trent, Thurgaton, Upton, Walesby, Wellow, Weston, Winkburn

Newark Town Centre 

Alliance Street, Bottom Row, Baldertongate, Chatham Court, Cliff Nook Lane, Cross Street, King Street, Knights Court, Lombard Street, Lawrence Street, Masey Street, Millgate, Navigation Yard, Newstead Avenue, Queens Court, Side Row, Tithe Barn Court / Lovers Lane, Victoria Gardens, Vineway, Welbeck Ave, Wright Street, Wilford  Close, Wright Street