Fly-tippers targeted as officers clamp down on rural criminals

Posted on: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

More than 30 drivers were stopped as officers began a series of operations to clamp down on fly-tippers and illegal waste collectors blighting communities.

Officers from the Newark neighbourhood policing team, Roads Policing Unit, and partners from Newark and Sherwood District Council teamed up last week (15 May) targeting hot spot areas in Newark to catch out those breaking the law.

Joining forces to target fly-tippers and illegal waste carriers the group's morning proved incredibly successful with countless motorists issued with fixed penalty notices and three vehicles seized.

In just four hours the teams issued six waste transfer note offences, two waste carrier licence offences, and five scrap metal licence offences, all of which were dealt with by issuing fixed penalty notices.

The hard work didn’t stop there though as the group hit the roads of Newark in both marked and unmarked vehicles and then seized three vehicles for having no tax and one for having no insurance.

Their good work also led them to recover a stolen van and detain a suspect on behalf of colleagues at Norfolk Police for reported scrap metal crimes.

Catching fly-tippers wasn’t the only job of the day as the officers also dealt with those breaking road laws either by using their mobile phones or failing to wear a seat belt.

It comes as the Newark neighbourhood policing team is set to carry out a number of other operations over the coming weeks and months targeting those who are continuing to fly-tip and cause misery for our rural communities.

PC Emma Weatherhill, who led the operation for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Fly-tipping is something that absolutely blights our rural communities, not only do people target green and sparse areas but also sometimes our rivers.

“It’s not only an eyesore to the public but fly-tipping can also be hazardous and dangerous. It also incurs a huge cost to farmers and landowners who need to get rid of the waste in an environmentally sound way.

“It can cause unpleasant smells, attract pests, create a dangerous environment for wildlife and animals but also affect children and pets.

“By targeting illegal waste collectors and carrying out operations like this one we are hoping to send a strong message to those who think they can get away with dumping waste of all kinds onto areas of our community that we will act and are acting.

“And cracking down on those who don’t have the correct waste licences is extremely important in the fight to reduce cases of waste being illegally dumped.

“Joining forces with other partners is also very beneficial and shows it’s not just the police who are taking a strong stance but our colleagues at the council too.”

Matthew Finch, Director of Communities and Environment at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “We are committed to stopping those who try to cut corners and flout the law when it comes to environmental offences such as fly tipping and rogue waste carriers.

“Partnership working like this is a positive tool we can use to catch these rogue waste operators who operate without the necessary licences. This operation is the first of many and we are leaving no stone unturned to catch these criminals.

"We will always seek the toughest punishments possible where the evidence supports a prosecution. Our message on environmental offences remains clear; don’t do it and we won’t be after you.”

Incidents of fly-tipping need to be reported to your local council for further information visit the link below.

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