Community-focused projects given much-needed funds

Posted on: Friday, November 11, 2022

A number of projects aimed at improving the community and supporting the lives of residents can now take place thanks to the Community Grant Scheme set up by Newark and Sherwood District Council.

From local sports clubs to Parish Councils, 20 groups to date, have been given much needed funding to help improve the local community.

Local groups were able to apply for funding for the scheme earlier this year by submitting an application form outlining how their project would support the District Council’s Community Plan objectives.

Each application was then carefully considered by the relevant District Council Portfolio Holder and recommendations were presented to its Cabinet for approval. In total £100,000 has been split among the chosen projects with the grant contributing to part or all of each project.

Councillor Keith Girling, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder Organisational Development and Governance at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “I have been extremely impressed with the impact this grant scheme has made to our local community.  Therefore, at last week’s Cabinet meeting, I made a further recommendation which was to ask officers to present us with options on what else we can do to further support such community groups.  I look forward to seeing these options presented shortly to Cabinet for consideration.

“Local good causes play a key role in our communities especially during this time of economic uncertainty. By providing this much needed funding we can cater for more opportunities for our residents to take part and enjoy services being provided by dedicated local groups and clubs.

“Now more than ever these groups are key to supporting those who are struggling but also building relationships and growing community spirit.”

Work on some of the schemes already in receipt of their grant has already started.  A wide range of projects were chosen to receive grants, these include: 

  • Bilsthorpe Green Spaces
  • Clipstone Community Regeneration Group
  • Coddington and Winthorpe Cricket Club
  • Edwinstowe Parish Council
  • Feel Good Gardens
  • Friends of Trent Vale Trail
  • Green Southwell
  • Gunthorpe Parish Council
  • Hoveringham Parish Council
  • Norwell Parish Council
  • Ollerton Town Community Football Club
  • Rural Community Action Group
  • Shawmind
  • South Clifton Pavilion
  • Southwell Minster
  • Southwell Town Council
  • Sutton on Trent PTA
  • Sutton on Trent Community Centre
  • Thurgaton Village Hall
  • Winthorpe and Coddington Tigers

Alan Hudson, Chair of Friends of Trent Vale Trail, said: “Being awarded a community grant from the District Council was crucial in enabling the Friends of Trent Vale Trail to continue their work on establishing a safe walking and cycling trail to link the villages of Besthorpe and Girton, a trail that us now 98% complete.”

Arron Smith, Chair of Sutton on Trent Sports and Community Centre, said: “A massive thanks to Newark and Sherwood District Council Community Grant Scheme for our small charity for a £5,000 grant. The grant is vital in the completion of an external refurbishment which will secure the future of our building.”

Paul Matthews, Chair of Coddington and Winthorpe Cricket Club, said: “The funding was for 1 of 2 sight screens needed to take the cricket club to the next level in providing improved equipment for playing cricket. It is hoped that increasing the equipment will create an environment to improve the standard of cricket and the ability of the cricketers produced. It may also attract new players or reinvigorate players who have not played for some time back into the sport. Physical and mental exercise being at the heart of what we are trying to provide for the community.”

Jenny Kirkwood, Director at Rural Community Action Group (Clipstone), said: "We are delighted to have received this funding. Village Halls, are the main community hub for many villages. We are working with hall management committees to identify and facilitate a regular event for local residents to come together and socialise. The project hopes to encourage more isolated residents to get out of the house, whilst offering local businesses and agencies a regular platform to promote their products and services. A great opportunity for all members of the community to come together to Talk, Learn and Connect."

Laura Millard, Director of Fundraising at Shawmind, said: "As a charity who provide mental health training to schools for free, we rely on the kind generosity of our donors and the community grants we are fortunate enough to secure.  Being awarded these funds by Newark and Sherwood District Council means we can continue to drive forward our mission and impact the lives of more children by supporting their emotional wellbeing and mental health needs."

James Radley, Committee Member at South Clifton Pavilion, said: “The scheme for us is the difference between being able to provide charging facilities for visitors and vehicles or not. It means we can do our bit to help with the going green campaign.”

Elaine Evans and Rachel Staley, Secretary and Treasurer at Clipstone Community Regeneration Group, said: “We are delighted to receive the Community Grant from the District Council. The grant will enable us to work in partnership with the statutory and voluntary sector to bring about growth for the area. We are focusing on looking at anti-poverty measures, events and heritage but we are also interested in working with all sectors of the community.

The full list of applications including an extract from each application can be found on the District Council website.