Newark and Sherwood District Council continue work to enhance biodiversity within the district

Posted on: Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The District Council continues work to protect, maintain and enhance the district’s biodiversity and landscapes, and create a greener Newark and Sherwood.

Newark and Sherwood contain a wide range of habitats and species, including a number of sites which receive specific protection because of their international, national or regional importance for nature conservation.

A number of initiatives are underway with a focus on protecting or enhancing the biodiversity of the local environment. These include:

  • Wildflower bunds at Newbury Road, Thorpe Oaks and Thorpe Close– The natural barriers were introduced as a measure to help prevent illegal encampments. Bunds are earth mounds created to provide a natural looking barrier, and they become filled with beautiful wildflowers which not only attract insects but also support the District Council’s climate emergency agenda. 
  • No Mow May – A national initiative that the District Council will once again be involved in during the month of May, when the Grounds Maintenance team cut back on the mowing of certain areas around the district in order to allow local green spaces and country parks to bloom with wildflowers and allow wildlife such as pollinating insects like bees and butterflies to thrive.
  • Community garden at Newark Library – Development on the site is almost complete and the community garden boasts a range of biodiverse features including wildflower meadows, bug hotels, a living wall, and tree saplings.
  • Local nature reserves - Local nature reserves are spaces that are home to wildlife or geological features that are of special interest locally and can benefit residents not only as places to enjoy but also to learn about nature. Newark and Sherwood’s local reserves include Vicar Water Country Park, Sconce and Devon Park, and Sherwood Heath. More sites and more information are available on the District Council’s website:
  • Tree planting - The District Council has planted over 8,000 trees in Newark and Sherwood over the past few years, and so far, for 2023, has given away over 11,500 as part of its annual free tree scheme, and over 60 saplings to Town and Parish Councils. The District Council has also recently committed to adding an extra £30,000 to existing budgets to ensure that all the extra trees planted across the district are well cared for and maintained. 
  • New homes development - £55,000 has been committed by the District Council towards ensuring that housing developers work with licensed and experienced ecologists when planning to build new homes. This initiative aims to protect existing habitats and ecosystems while leaving behind more biodiversity than when the development began, thus achieving a biodiversity net gain.

Matthew Finch, Director of Communities and Environment at Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “Protecting, maintaining and enhancing biodiversity is a vital part of our work to create a green Newark and Sherwood. These initiatives are part of a brilliant programme of measures which we are already seeing the benefits of in many cases.

“Our district is home to a fantastic range of habitats and species, including animals, plants and microorganisms, and without this biodiversity there would not be the healthy ecosystems our environment needs to flourish.”

To find out more about the District Council’s commitment to protecting, maintain and enhancing biodiversity and landscapes visit: