Council tenant evicted following years of “apocalyptic” anti-social behaviour

Posted on: Monday, July 3, 2023

A District Council tenant who spent years terrorising her neighbours with violence, noise, anti-social and criminal behaviour has been evicted from her home after Nottingham Crown Court granted an Outright Possession Order.

Summarising the anti-social behaviour (ASB) carried out by the tenant, Tina Rolfe formerly of Bowbridge Road in Newark, her household and their visitors, the Judge described it as “apocalyptic.”

Prior to being evicted, Ms Rolfe had been offered numerous opportunities for support and assistance to maintain her tenancy, all of which were refused, and the behaviour continued to escalate

The District Council’s housing teams worked closely with Newark Police to bring the case to court and put the victims at the heart of the process.

“Seeking an eviction notice is always a last resort but we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour anywhere in our communities and this includes in our Council properties,” said Councillor Lee Brazier, Portfolio Holder for Homes and Health at Newark and Sherwood District Council.

“Neighbours should not have to endure this behaviour, and nobody should live in fear, the Council will make use of all available powers to address it.”

ASB is behaviour which causes nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people in different households. It can affect anyone at any time and can be deeply threatening to our sense of safety.

Some people are afraid to speak to the police, because they fear being identified and targeted. The District Council’s ASB team will treat your information in confidence, but it may be necessary for us to share the information you provide us with our partners for your complaint to be dealt with more efficiently.

Councillor Brazier continued: “We are here to help - If you live in a Council property or to report the behaviour or actions of someone who does, you should ask to speak to your Tenancy officer. For wider issues, you can contact us and ask to speak to the ASB team, in confidence, about any issues or concerns you may have or you can use the online ASB reporting form. If you live in a privately rented property, please make your landlord aware of the problem you’re experiencing.”